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Mar 24, 2013 06:19 PM

LTD withdrawal

Setting up a wedding registry and jus thought I'd go with what my family has used for years which is All Clad LTD (stainless steel interior and dark exterior). Learned to cook on that and my mom's 30 year set still looks great. Now it looks like it's no longer available. Help! I like the stainless interior and the dark exterior. What brand comes close? As it is a wedding registry I was hoping to get the best and have it last for years and years.

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  1. Interesting. It does seem that LTD2 has disappeared from the All-Clad website. That makes my French skillet a collector's item. A-C does seem to tinker with their product lineup quite a bit, if you ask me.

    1. Note that LTD and LTD2 were not induction-compatible. That may be the reason they were dropped. Since you are thinking long term, you should consider whether something induction-compatible would be a better choice anyway.

      1. Hi, meinNYC:

        If you like it as much as it appears, register for things other than cookware, and scour the planet yourself later for new old stock and gently used. No disparagement, but you might find it for very little money. eBay alone has 57 active listings for it right now, many of which are new.

        Look on the bright side: Better to learn the "vintage is sometimes better" lesson sooner in your cooking life than later...


        1. The LTD design is stainless steel interior and anodized aluminum exterior. This design, as GH1618 accurately pointed out, is not induction ready, so please take that into consideration. Yes, one can use a magnetic stainless steel for the interior surface, but the field will skip over the aluminum during induction cooking which makes it a rather stupid design for induction cooking.

          For your specific replacement to LTD, there are a few options. I suggest you look to Cuisinart MultiClad Unlimited:

          1. The original LTD series is a great, durable cooking vessel that functions extremely well on gas stoves. The wall thickness is thicker than AC series that followed including LTD2. For its cooking mass the LTD is lighter and more readily moved about than copper/SS equivalents like Falk. I would buy a few more pieces from EBay if I had the place to store them or the need to fit them into our arsenal. Daughter Chef has already laid claim to our stash.