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Mar 24, 2013 04:47 PM

San Antonio--good bar dining?

NYC hound headed to the fine city of San Antonio for work and in need a few suggestions for restaurants where I can eat a good dinner at the bar (assuming dining solo a few nights). Monterrey, Feast, Bliss? For Texas comparison, Barley Swine in Austin was one of my favorite meals last year. Work's paying, so $ is less of an object than usual.

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  1. Monterrey, Feast and Bliss all have rather small bars if you don't mind that. I love Feast but find the chairs uncomfortable. I would suggest Bohanan's, The Palm, Tre in the Fairmount, Luke

    1. Monterey is the closest you'll get to having a "Barley Swine" experience in SA. 4-5 seats at the bar (beer/wine only). If you're here Sun or Monday, Hot Joy same resto-totally different menu. Same amount of bar seating at Bliss (beer/wine) and Feast (full bar and not that there's anything wrong with that).
      Bohanans Bar is a bit pricier/classier. Another couple options you should consider are Arcade (at the Pearl-full bar) and Brooklynite (imho the best bar in SA...a couple food trucks there most nights)