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Mar 24, 2013 04:41 PM

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

Wine shipping laws are complicated. I don't even want to understand them. Having wine shipped from a winery directly to me here in MA is possible, but relies upon identifying wineries that have jumped through whatever weird legal hoops that may be required. And it takes time to write to each and every winery to ask this question, so I thought I would ask you. So Chowhounders, do you know of any good wineries that ship directly to MA that I could consider to add to the mix? For wineries that I love with limited MA availability, I often ship to NH FedEx locations, but it takes time to make the trip to pick up these shipments and it is often inconvenient to go up there in a timely manner before the shipment is returned to sender. And while I have used my favorite local wine store to get specific wines I like, I would prefer the ease of direct purchases. So far, the only winery that I have identified that is able to ship here that doesn't have broad availability and is worth drinking is Sleight of Hand Cellars in Walla Walla WA. Do you know of any others? Thank you!

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    1. Didn't know any wineries would ship to MA. Know some places will ship ages balsamic vinegar if you ask nicely.

      1. I have yet to find a single winery that will ship to me in Mass. I have tried online resources in the past but most dont have the wineries I want. I end have them shipped to family in NH or CT. Would love to know those you use that do ship here…..

        As Gerbetta said Bledsoe is all over it. But has anyone tried his wine?? I guess a few places in the state carry it and retails between $100-$150 a bottle so I am in no rush to run out and grab a bottle without some references…Superbowl ring or not.

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          As you mention, a few online resources will ship to MA. I think they have relationships with local distributors that allow some wine to be shipped here. Like via Corporate Wines in Woburn. also ships direct to MA via a similar relationship (I think). but like you said, these retailers often carry a limited assortment of wines. The best non-winery online wine store that I have found that will ship to MA is, which buys wine from a variety of sources, including direct from wineries and also by acquiring the cellars of "collectors", which I think means dead or financially-distressed people (All the more reason to drink your wine promptly). bpwine has some aged gems, and ships a case for $9. So they are great in my opinion, but that is not the same as direct wine shipping. So my quest continues. After reading that Bledsoe post, I wonder if I am accidentally outing wineries and retailers that shouldn't be shipping here in the first place....

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            oh, I meant to ask, what online retailers have you used that ship to MA?

          2. There are dozens and dozens of small wineries that ship directly to consumers in MA from Sonoma and Napa Valleys if you join their wine clubs. These are small vineyards that do not work with distributors and therefore are exempted from the existing law. I receive two shipments a year from a vineyard in Sonoma and it is great wine. I suggest that you do a search online for some of the smaller wineries/producers in CA and contact them directly or go to their websites.

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              Thank you. Can you say who these wineries are please? I have yet to find these places despite hours and hours of online searching, which prompted this post asking for specifics.

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                I am a member of the wine club at Bella Vineyards a great little vineyard in Healdsburg, Sonoma Valley. I have visited about 20 vineyards in Sonoma and they had my favorite wines though not cheap and I had to go on a waiting list for about 6 months to get into the wine club. They are a very small producer and their wines are only available through the wine club, at the vineyard and at a few local restaurants. I receive two shipments per year of about 1 case each time. You will not find their wines in any liquor store. If you are a Pinot Noir fan, look up Papapietro Perry in Healdsburg. They are a wine maker and not a vineyard. They produce great Pinots and buy their grapes from other vineyards.

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                  Thank you! I'll check them out and maybe give them a try (if they are able to accommodate new members).

            2. I have friends who get wine shipped directly from Clos de Val in California (they are members of the wine club there).

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                Hmmmm. I am member of Alpha Omega's wine club and they can't ship to me. Unless something has changed recent they have no distribution in Mass so I don't understand why they can't get the exception? Must research!

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                  Thank you, I will have to check this out. Many of Clos de Val's wines are available at local stores, but they have some great limited production wines that would make their club appealing to me. I love the Stag's Leap District in general. Thanks again!