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Mar 24, 2013 04:20 PM

Hot chocolate prepared tableside?

On a recent flight back to CA, the passenger seated next to me mentioned that she had this amazing hot chocolate prepared tableside at a "restaurant in Los Angeles".

She couldn't be more specific (frequent visitor but not a resident).

It's been bugging me cuz for the life of me I can't think of a place that she might be talking about. OC and SFV included.

Closest I can think if might be Saam or the Bazaar.

Any ideas 'Hounds?

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  1. Spazio Caffé on Montana is gaining a great reputation as the place to go for hot chocolate. I looked at the Yelp reviews and everyone seems to love the hot chocolate. Sounds reminiscent of the hot chocolate at Angelina in Paris.

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      OK, I'm gonna try the hot choc & espresso but how are the salads, panini etc?

    2. Could she have been talking about Napa Rose? I believe it's only on their winter menu and honestly after a couple bottles of wine during my last visit I'm not sure about the tableside part.

      1. Maudies5 - you had me at "reminiscent of the hot chocolate at Angelina in Paris"! I'll be headed to Spazio asap! :)