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Mar 24, 2013 03:26 PM

Road trip from Montgomery to Macon

We're doing a road trip from New Orleans to Montgomery to Savannah and Charleston. Traveling the in early April. Any suggestions for lunch, or dinner along the way?

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  1. This board only covers the Georgia and South Carolina part of your trip. You should post on the Central South Board for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

    It would probably be helpful to post the highways you will be on as well. That helps people know what towns are along your way.

    Also, your title says Montgomery to Macon...but you are actually traveling from NOLA to Charleston? You might want to ask the moderators to change the title to refect your route in GA and SC.

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      Thank you for the clarification. I'll post on the other board. I titled it based on the long haul drive we anticipate.

      1. re: Ms. Verde

        The "long haul drive" would be New Orleans to Charleston, no? In any event, this board only covers the GA and SC portion, and should be titled as such.

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          Actually the part of the trip that looked the most uninspiring was the stretch from Montgomery to Macon. We don't have anything tentatively ID'd to take us off the freeway.

          1. re: Ms. Verde

            Assuming you are going to cut across and go through Columbus, GA to get to Macon.

            In Columbus, Country's Barbeque is good, they have three locations. Smokey Pig and Macon Road Barbeque are also decent choices. Rosehill Seafood is good if you stick to the catfish or oysters. Ezell's Catfish Cabin is good for catfish. You can get a scrambled dog at the Dinglewood Pharmacy.

            We stopped for lunch today in Metter at the above mentioned Jomax BBQ. It was very good, I think the meat and three is a better option there than the barbecue although the Q is ok as well.

            If you cut across to Macon via Warm Springs, GA, you could go to the Bulloch House and get excellent fried chicken. Not too far from there, in Thomaston, is Riverbend, home of the best catfish on the planet, not open for lunch.

    2. You could stop in Evergreen, AL at the Conecuh sausage factory and get a sausage dog.

      We usually eat fast food in Montgomery. Lots of decent places in Columbus, GA if you are going that way to Macon.

      Not much to choose from between Macon and Savannah, Jomax BBQ in Metter is not bad.

      I could probably come up with some better suggestions if you were more specific about your route.

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      1. re: kengk

        Thank you for your suggestions. I haven't been through the south for over 40 years, so we're still putting the route together. It looks, however, like we'll be taking I-10 out of New Orleans, then I-65 to Montgomery and I-85 to State route 280 towards Macon. Finally, it looks like I-16 to Savannah. I love the idea of BBQ and anything regional. We have a couple of days of long haul driving, so a tasty diversion off the interstate would be welcome.