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Mar 24, 2013 03:05 PM

Beef Cheeks all cooked. Now what to do with them?

I cooked up some beef cheeks in the crock pot with wine and beef broth a few weeks ago, then put them in the freezer because we were going out of town.
I don't really know quite what I want to do with them. They have a nice brown broth and are tender and much more tasty than I expected.
What do you with beef cheeks?

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  1. Warm them with some of the broth and eat as the 'meat' part of the meal? Polenta makes a nice side, as would mashed potatoes.

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      I also use them as the base for soups and stews.

    2. I wonder, if properly chopped and spiced, they might not be quite good on Asian wheat noodles, like Dan Dan noodle recipes, sprinkled with chopped scallions.

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        Second thought: cook until done in lard with a quartered orange and some cumin, chop "finely", use for taco filling.

      2. I've seen several recipes for beef cheek ravioli, if you are ambitious, but I think the shredded beef and its broth would be wonderful with a good pasta and grated cheese.

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          Pasta was my initial thought...these ideas are helping!

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            I second this. Cook up some broad noodles like tagliatelle and brown some sliced mushrooms on the side. Finish the noodles by simmering in the braising liquid and combine with the mushrooms at the end. One of the best dishes I've ever had was braised beef with handmade tagliatelle.

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              I first had beef cheeks in ravioli at Babbo about five years but have never gotten around to trying them. I like them with egg noodles and some greens.

            2. What do you with beef cheeks?

              In your case, reheat and eat maybe?

              I dunno. Is this a trick question?

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                No tricks, ipse.
                I was surprised to even see them at our local grocery store, and did a cursory spin around the Internet to see how to cook them, but as I've seen more about beef cheeks here on CH than I have anywhere else, I figured some people here would have their favorite ways to serve cheeks. It looks like I had the right ideas, though, to heat them up with some pasta.
                I'd never even heard of them till the past couple years.

              2. very flavorful but with an odd texture, something mixing fatty and gelatinous, so I recommend applications that steer clear of serving it in chunks, as one might in stews or pot roasts. It's way rich.

                Using as a stuffing for ravioli seems ideal. Tossing lightly into pasta also. Consider freezing potions for future use. In my experience, a little goes a long way with beef cheeks.

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                  I frequently use them in things like beef stew and bourgignonne, where that rich, silky texture can really shine.

                  We never eat it in anything *but* chunks.