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Mar 24, 2013 02:59 PM


I hear that sales of marmalade are declining, even in the UK. Surprising, to me anyway, since orange marmalade has been a fixture at breakfast and for a mid-afternoon snack, and little packs of it are standard in hotel breakfast rooms.

The bitter-sweet kind made with Seville oranges is what I like; Smuckers and that ilk aren't interesting to me. Over the years I've bought Keiller's and Chivers more or less indiscriminately - Keiller's more often recently since the local Trader Joe's stocked it at a good price. But now TJ's make their own Seville Orange Marmalade and I actually like it better, as it has more orange rind; $3.50 for a 17.5 oz jar. The label says it's "product of Canada." Well done, Canada!

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  1. It's not surprising to me... most people I know are marmalade-haters, although I love the stuff. I see them at hotels, but folks in my circle go for the strawberry jam and grape jelly before the marmalade. Good to know the TJ's brand is worth it -- I've been wanting to buy a jar.

    1. Indeed. Marmalade sales in the UK fell by 7% last year. There's increases in other spreads for toast like jam, honey, peanut butter, Nutella and the like. I suppose it's another example of British tastes moving to more overtly sweet or fatty foods.

      Me? I like my marmalade and buy it from the farmers market, rather than the supermarket (My preferance is for a lemon/lime/grapefruit one. Really nice and sharp.

      1. I too prefer TJ's orange marmalade to Keiller because I feel that Keiller is overcooked with loss of volatile flavor components. The fruit comes through better in the TJ version.

        TJ probably had to go to Canada to source marmalade that was not polluted with HFCS. My objection to HFCS and regular corn syrup is solely due to taste components that mess up the underlying fruit flavors.

        1. I love marmalade and my very favorite is Frank Coopers Oxford Cut. Hard to find, I know. When I can get my hands on it I buy several jars.

          Until a year ago I worked in a kitchen & gourmet shop. When the owner asked me which was the best marmalade I did not hesitate but answered Frank Cooper's. Word got out some how that we carried it and people not only from the university here but even from Indianapolis would come down to get it and from around the region. They were mainly from Europe and India or had lived there. They'd buy multiple jars too. Once when we had sold out, but had more on order, a man wanted to buy our sample jar, even though it had been used. In our case marmalade sales were not down.

          You can Google it up. There is a seller in Massachusetts, I think it is British Delights. They have a website. Enjoy!

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            I do like Frank Coopers and also Duerrs Mermelada De Sevilla though they only do a fine cut version.
            My absolute favourite though is Fortnum and Masons Old English Hunt marmalade.

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              I have never heard of Frank Cooper's, so I did google it up, and came across this History of Marmalade article in the Times. The author did her Master's in Gastronomy dissertation on the history of marmalade. Interesting read for the marmalade fan.

              1. re: EM23

                I am so sorry if you are not familiar with it. You can order it on line and it is superb it you are a lover of orange marmalade. They used to make one with scotch added too. Alas, it is no longer available. As long as i can get FC's I'll never switch.

            2. So much better than jams or jellies. Orange is my fave, but looking to try others.