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Mar 24, 2013 02:57 PM

Candy Canes from Christmas 2011

Must have over 100 of the small two inch type. I read on a blog you can crush them and sprinkle them on cookies or whatever.
Should I just pitch 'em??? Ann

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  1. Seems that since they're all sugar, they should be fine to use for cooking. Nothing really to go bad in them.
    I've made pink peppermint bar cookies with them, and even though they were achingly sweet, they were addictive!

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    1. re: jmcarthur8

      Thanks...I was planning on making plain old chocolate cake this weekend, and I was thinking I could add them crushed to the top icing as a design....What do you think???

      1. re: annfaulkner

        I agree that they're fine to use. If what you're going for is a chocolate-mint cake, then I'd also mix some into the frosting you use between layers.

        That is, of course, if you're making a standard layer cake!

        1. re: annfaulkner

          I agree with viola, include some in the middle layer of frosting. The crunch is really nice with all the soft gooeyness.

      2. My grandma gave me very old candy canes all the time when I was a kid. Still here so I guess they were ok :) they were a bit "softer" than fresh ones but still tastes fine and I'm sure they'd be fine for the application you want to use.

          1. re: treb

            Candy canes are the cockroaches of confection. They are sugar, artificial flavor and artificial color. And the small ones are disturbingly good as hot chocolate mixers (as long as the chocolate itself is on the bitter side).

          2. If they had actual mint, they might lose some of their mintyness but chances are the mint flavoring is artificial and indestructable. No problem using them in baking/confectionary. And you can always stir them into your cup of tea, mug of cocoa, or slightly softened ice cream (then refreeze).

            1. Fine to eat. I have noticed that when they are old they sometimes get sticky and a bit soft on the outside, but if you are crushing them it will be fine.