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Mar 24, 2013 02:33 PM

What's with Petit Louis?

A few months ago, I had a fine meal there. On Friday, however, the meal was less so: The Boef Bourgignon was dry and tasteless, and the Steak Frites was not very good--steak was rubbery altho the frites for once were not too salted. As usual, the service was sophomoric (if I ever hear a waiter ask whether something "is to my liking" again, I'll scream . Why not ask in the active voice whether I like it?.)

And, of course, it was too loud (I know--French bistros are loud and this is a replica--so? If the food and service were up to French Bistro standards, maybe I would be forgiving.

The real Q is why this place which has so much potential and an adoring audience can not be consistently better

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  1. All restaurants have their off nights. I've had excellent meals at Petit Louis and less than stellar meals, especially on busy nights like Fridays.

    Besides, if you found the bourgignon dry and tasteless and steak frites rubbery, it sounds like it was up to your typical French bistro standards!

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      PL has its ups and downs--sometimes I think that Tony uses it to train servers and chefs for the rest of his empire. But its the only resto w/in walking distance--like you I live in RP--and I just wish it could be consistently good. And the service is so cute--"Is everything to your liking?"--drives me nuts. Not to mention plopping the bill down--w/o being asked for and doing so ungraciously

      I think the problem is that PL has a wealthy, captive, and uncritical clientele and feels no need to perform at high llevels. The customers will always be there. Cingiale, in contrast, competes with lots of others; therefore, it has to maintain high standards--which it almost always does.