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Mar 24, 2013 01:44 PM

Fresh fish in New Castle county?

Anyone have a favorite fish monger? Acme is not great. I pretty much have to schlep to Captain's Catch for the good stuff? What am I missing?

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  1. Near the pathmark on rte 41 (or 48?) in Wilmington....just off 141, there was really good fish market with a restaurant attached. It's been almost 10 years since I've been there, but worth a shot

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      Feby's! I think its still there. Thanks!

        1. re: sal_acid

          Yes, Feby's is still there on Lancaster Ave. We go every Friday; excellent seafood.

          1. re: Philly

            Finally got to Feby's. Definitely old school, which is good. Fish was cooked well ie not over-cooked. Sides were so-so. Seared Brussels sprouts were more like incinerated and the crab risotto was not really risotto, but it tasted OK. Portions were large.

            We'll be back.

      1. Try Sansones on Lincoln and 7th in Wilmington, nice fresh seafood and nice people working there too.

        1. I like Hadfield's Seafood on 202 right at the PA line. Sadly, I no longer work up that way so I rarely go by there anymore, but IMO it is much better than Feby's (which I pass by all the time).

          Acme isn't great for anything. I can't stand that chain.

          1. I like Whole Foods on 202. Very fresh...very pricey...but worth it. IMHO, better than Hill's which is nearbye . And good service - they will prep a whole fish any way you want it, whether gutted, scaled, finned and gilled. And don't forget to take the leavings home for broth.

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              And significantly, you can get shucked oysters there for a buck and take them over to the pub and get a pint.

            2. I've heard good things about Dawson's Seafood. They are predominately a restaurant supplier but also sell retail (cash only).

              Dawson's Seafood
              821 N Madison St
              Wilmington, DE 19801
              (302) 658-4238