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Fresh fish in New Castle county?

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Anyone have a favorite fish monger? Acme is not great. I pretty much have to schlep to Captain's Catch for the good stuff? What am I missing?

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  1. Near the pathmark on rte 41 (or 48?) in Wilmington....just off 141, there was really good fish market with a restaurant attached. It's been almost 10 years since I've been there, but worth a shot

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      Feby's! I think its still there. Thanks!

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          Yes, Feby's is still there on Lancaster Ave. We go every Friday; excellent seafood.

      1. Try Sansones on Lincoln and 7th in Wilmington, nice fresh seafood and nice people working there too.

        1. I like Hadfield's Seafood on 202 right at the PA line. Sadly, I no longer work up that way so I rarely go by there anymore, but IMO it is much better than Feby's (which I pass by all the time).

          Acme isn't great for anything. I can't stand that chain.

          1. I like Whole Foods on 202. Very fresh...very pricey...but worth it. IMHO, better than Hill's which is nearbye . And good service - they will prep a whole fish any way you want it, whether gutted, scaled, finned and gilled. And don't forget to take the leavings home for broth.

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              And significantly, you can get shucked oysters there for a buck and take them over to the pub and get a pint.

            2. I've heard good things about Dawson's Seafood. They are predominately a restaurant supplier but also sell retail (cash only).

              Dawson's Seafood
              821 N Madison St
              Wilmington, DE 19801
              (302) 658-4238