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Mar 24, 2013 01:38 PM

Walmart Online vs Amazon New Slow-Cooker

The Daughter (who I get to cook for) is really into to chili. Can't get enough, and I can make it pretty lean. My Rival CrockPot, which I'm otherwise happy with, has burned every batch of chili made recently. An internet search reveals that this Rival Crockpot is imfamous for buring things. So I researched slow cookers, and decided upon the Proter Silex 4 qt model 33042, that sells for about $19. Looked at some local stores. No luck. Went to order at Amazon, since I use they're reviews. Item is $17.99. So I added to basket. Shipping and Handling is $13.98, and tax is almost $3. The $20 item turned into $35.

Checked Walmart, since I've recently bought Tramontina cookware set and an electric kettle. They're free ship to store system worked well each time. Order the item (as fast and easy as Amazon), and got the free shipping to my local store for a total of $22. Pretty big difference, and it will be here in a few days.

Free shipping to a local store is a really good deal when you can find it.
I recently got a Kitchenaid mixer, and BedBath and Beyond does not do free ship to store, so I had to pay quite a bit for shipping, since they did not have many colors, including the one I wanted.

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  1. I use Amazon for a number of purchases and so I became an Amazon prime member. While it might seem expensive, it quickly pays for itself as you get free 2 day shipping with the vast majority of items. As an added plus it also free streaming of a large catalog of movies and TV shows. Chow folks should know that all 10 seasons of Julia Child's "The French Chef" show are available for free streaming when you are a prime member.

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      +1 for Prime. After a Christmas in which the shipping for skateboards and such for 4 active grandsons exceeded the cost of the items, we went Prime and have never looked back.

      Now before buying anything we check Amazon. In many, many cases, the price is equal to or lower than out in town, no sales tax (yet) and the items show up 2 days later. It's even a cheaper source for a lot of grocery items.