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Mar 24, 2013 01:33 PM

First Night in Bologna dining?

So I have logged countless hours over the last few months researching our Italy trip and believe I have some a decent idea of what we will and will not enjoy during our trip. I can see in previous posts (some out of date maybe) some recommendations for dining in Bologna and Parma but what I am trying to figure out is our first night in Bologna. We do not arrive at the Bologna airport until 6pm on a Friday. With clearing customs and a cab ride into the city my guess is we wont be there until at least a couple of hours after that and no doubt will be exhausted from an overnight flight with a layover. Our hope is to at least make it out for a casual dinner before we call it a night. My husband would love to start the trip off with a decent Bolognese. We would probably want a place that we wouldn't need a reservation since we are unsure of how long it will actually take us to get to the city. Any recommendations?

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