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Is coconut pie as good as it sounds?

Pie is not a big part of norwegian culture. So I am not that familiar with it. But I do think it would be a nice thing to make for easter.

So I had this chocolate bar with coconut cream inside it the other day. And it hit me, imagine a pie like that. WIth that delicious fatty and slightly stiff sweet coconut cream in it.

But is it really like that? I´ve found some recipes for it, that uses shredded dried coconut to add taste to a generic custard. I was surprised none of the recipes uses coconut milk, instead of cream?

Anyway, is that filling really as delicious as it sounds? Like a thick cream. Or is it more grainy and dry?

I´m thinking a chocolate pie crust with coconut filling would be amazingly good. And something must be on top too, but what is the third ingredient? A berry perhaps..?

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  1. What you're describing sounds much better than the typical coconut cream pie. The ones I've had are usually a soft vanilla custard filling , with not-enough coconut stirred in, on a shortbread pie crust, with whipped cream around the outer edge. If you use a chocolate crust and make your dense custard with coconut milk and LOTS of coconut, I'd suggest topping with shaved chocolate curls and toasted coconut.

    If you insist on adding a fruit, perhaps toasted pineapple tidbits? A bit of finely shredded lime zest would add color and some "zip".

    1. I love love love this recipe,not grainy, not dry, Chocolate crust would be good, a layer of dark chocolate in a crust made with coconut oil would be better.


      1. I like your idea! Add some lemon peel or zest to the filling. Top it with Whipped Cream(around the edge) and maybe a few raspberries?

        I made blueberry/coconut pancakes this morning that were lovely

        Let us know how you proceed

        1. I love coconut pie! There are two common types, coconut cream and coconut custard. I prefer the custard. There are rich and creamy and fantastic.
          Keep if simple, shave dark chocolate on top.

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            cc, i had to read the name on this post, thinking i was reading my post again. we think alike! ;-).

          2. Is coconut pie as good as it sounds?

            Better! ~ Make a simple version. ~ you can be creative(?) next time!


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              Agree. A good shortbread or pastry crust and whipped cream on top is all you need.

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                agree with the simple crust, rather than some rich & fancy crust.

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                Since I am unfamiliar with this. I would appreciate some help on finding a recipe basis for the filling of the creamy kind.

                I see some use egg yolks, some use cornflour etc.

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                  Do you have 'Joy of Cooking'? There is a recipe for a coconut cream pie that is a basic vanilla creme pie with 1 1/3 cups of fresh toasted coconut added to the mix.

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                    Here is a link to a basic coconut custard pie that uses coconut milk:


                    And here is a coconut cream pie recipe with a chocolate crust:


                    They both sound great to me! Good luck and Happy Easter.

                2. I made a key lime pie with cream of coconut (not the sweetened coconut cream) in place of the sweetened, condensed milk and it was really good. I'll bet what you're describing would be good, too.

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                    that is a great idea, vanilla grrl.

                  2. It always sounded good on Gilligans Island.

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                      i'll bet maryann made that! ;-).

                    2. I dislike coconut immensely, however, I've been told I make a good coconut pie...I use coconut milk and ground coconut to make a pastry cream which I use for my filling. A good way to get chocolate in there would be to make a shortbread crust and spread it with ganache (allowing it to set) before adding the filling.

                      Whip up some fresh heavy cream, vanilla extract and a bit of powdered sugar to top the pie with then sprinkle with lightly toasted coconut. If you want to add berries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries would be great on this pie.

                      1. The only coconut pie I've had was piled high with layers of
                        Fresh coconut meat, with crust, and a layer of custard baked crisp on top. Reminded me of the top on Tart conversation but that's just royal icing.

                        But coconut cream pie sounds good too.

                        1. The Tom Douglas Triple Coconut Cream Pie is well known in Seattle. http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/...

                          If you want more detailed directions, you can find the same recipe at quite a few different blogs, just google it and you'll have a number of choices. If you have a crust recipe that you like, you can easily skip making the coconut crust in the recipe and just use the filling recipe.

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                            That sounds delicious, thanks for posting.

                          2. Ramlus, let us know about your coconut pie adventure.

                            1. I am not a big fan of it myself, but you're right that it needs to be coconutty and not just vanilla custard + dried coconut flakes. There are recipes like that; my mom has made a few lately and says they're great. I think the chocolate crust sounds nice. I've never heard of a third taste component in any pies I've ever seen, but it is very rich and heavy, so keep that in mind. Some people top with toasted coconut in addition to the whipped cream on top, which would add a crunchy component. I almost think a salty nut or something like that would be interesting, but would certainly not be traditional, of which the same is true for berries.

                              1. My grandmothere's coconut pie was amazing! A custard version, flavored with shredded coconut. However, we're from the South, and would not dream of topping it with whipped cream. Has to have perfect toasted meringue on top. I'd share her recipe, but it's a little vague. It's taken my cousin a lot of practice to get it to the point that we think it's as good as what we grew up on. Pretty much a pastry cream flavored with coconut, baked in very flaky pastry crust, topped with meringues.

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                                  interesting to see the custard with the meringue.

                                2. Coconut pie is delicious! Chocolate pie is even better. Cream pies are a pretty traditional dessert where I grew up. Can't say I've had banana cream pie, though. Bananas have an odd flavor to me. Good luck on your cream pie adventures!

                                  1. Here are a couple of links to other styles of Coconut Pies
                                    Mexican from Rick Bayless

                                    1. speaking from a southerner's viepoint, i'd say in the american south that there are two basic coconut pie types: coconut custard and coconut cream.

                                      i prefer the custard one, but others like the cream pie, with its fluffier filling and meringue topping.

                                      neither one has a grainy or dry filling. they are both rich pies, but the coconut cream pie is richer and sweeter to my mind. the coconut custard one has an underlying current of milk caramelization which gives it complexity while being still a very straightforward pie in terms of ingredients.

                                      i wouldn't turn down either one! often lemon is combined with the coconut, and chocolate much less so in the south. the almond is not really a "southern" nut, but i think the coconut almond combination is lovely. coconut pecan, now that's one i'd like to explore (but not the karo syrup pecan pie type).