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Mar 24, 2013 01:25 PM

Is coconut pie as good as it sounds?

Pie is not a big part of norwegian culture. So I am not that familiar with it. But I do think it would be a nice thing to make for easter.

So I had this chocolate bar with coconut cream inside it the other day. And it hit me, imagine a pie like that. WIth that delicious fatty and slightly stiff sweet coconut cream in it.

But is it really like that? I´ve found some recipes for it, that uses shredded dried coconut to add taste to a generic custard. I was surprised none of the recipes uses coconut milk, instead of cream?

Anyway, is that filling really as delicious as it sounds? Like a thick cream. Or is it more grainy and dry?

I´m thinking a chocolate pie crust with coconut filling would be amazingly good. And something must be on top too, but what is the third ingredient? A berry perhaps..?

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  1. What you're describing sounds much better than the typical coconut cream pie. The ones I've had are usually a soft vanilla custard filling , with not-enough coconut stirred in, on a shortbread pie crust, with whipped cream around the outer edge. If you use a chocolate crust and make your dense custard with coconut milk and LOTS of coconut, I'd suggest topping with shaved chocolate curls and toasted coconut.

    If you insist on adding a fruit, perhaps toasted pineapple tidbits? A bit of finely shredded lime zest would add color and some "zip".

    1. I love love love this recipe,not grainy, not dry, Chocolate crust would be good, a layer of dark chocolate in a crust made with coconut oil would be better.

      1. I like your idea! Add some lemon peel or zest to the filling. Top it with Whipped Cream(around the edge) and maybe a few raspberries?

        I made blueberry/coconut pancakes this morning that were lovely

        Let us know how you proceed

        1. I love coconut pie! There are two common types, coconut cream and coconut custard. I prefer the custard. There are rich and creamy and fantastic.
          Keep if simple, shave dark chocolate on top.

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            cc, i had to read the name on this post, thinking i was reading my post again. we think alike! ;-).

          2. Is coconut pie as good as it sounds?

            Better! ~ Make a simple version. ~ you can be creative(?) next time!


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              Agree. A good shortbread or pastry crust and whipped cream on top is all you need.

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                agree with the simple crust, rather than some rich & fancy crust.

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                Since I am unfamiliar with this. I would appreciate some help on finding a recipe basis for the filling of the creamy kind.

                I see some use egg yolks, some use cornflour etc.

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                  Do you have 'Joy of Cooking'? There is a recipe for a coconut cream pie that is a basic vanilla creme pie with 1 1/3 cups of fresh toasted coconut added to the mix.

                  1. re: Ramius

                    Here is a link to a basic coconut custard pie that uses coconut milk:


                    And here is a coconut cream pie recipe with a chocolate crust:


                    They both sound great to me! Good luck and Happy Easter.