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Mar 24, 2013 12:43 PM

Baking with powdered quinoa -

So. I bought a coffee mill (Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill -


i dumped a box of quinoa in, then poured it back in, milling it three times altogether. And used it to bake a batch of banana cranberry muffins. Regular recipe. K P baking soda.

Astonishing. Just astonishing. They will be lunch tomorrow and I will make more to take on chol hamoed tiyulim. and probably for children's breakfasts. The only reason not to do this is that it doesn't taste at all like Pesach.

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  1. Fascinating -- thanks for the tip! I'm going to try this.

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    1. re: maxie

      I did this last year for my Pesach rolls. They were delcious. Unfortunately. My coffee grinder is broken. If I bave a chance to buy a new one I may very well try th muffibs. Thanks for the idea!

      1. re: Miri1

        Thanks AdinaA, for tge suggestion of the Cusinart coffee grinder! I bought the same one, and the quinoa flour is gorgeous!
        I'm thrilled with the flour and aiming for muffins tomorrow.

      1. The finest setting. And even so I ran it through 3 times.

        1. I wonder if this is healthier than using regular flour...might be a good idea for all year around.

          1. When you say "regular recipe," do you mean one written for standard wheat flour or one written specifically for quinoa flour? This sounds like something I need to look into ASAP.

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              I used it as though it was wheat flour, regular, year-round wheat flour banana muffin recipe.

              About to bake mashed carrot, raisin muffins, mashing the carrots that I cooked to make soup stock.