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Mar 24, 2013 11:51 AM

Coming to Boston for the Marathon. A little help, please...

Two PDX Hounds coming to Boston for the marathon (only one of us is running). Have researched the Board and made two (out of 4) dinner reservations. Interested in feedback and recommendations on the other 2 nights, please.

Friday 4/11: O Ya (booked; will do omakase)
Saturday 4/12: L'Espalier (Chef's Table, booked)

Interested in recs for Sunday and Monday. We are staying at Copley Place.

Sunday is the night before the marathon, so we're not interested in a tasting menu. Bonus Points for close by (either walking distance or easy transportation). We enjoy casual eating at the bar, even at nicer restaurants, especially if the entire menu is accessible. Only one of us is likely to be drinking. Excellent cocktails are appreciated. Would No 9 Park fit the bill here? Other options? More casual ethnic food would also be OK.

Monday night is open for another possible fine dining option. Can't decide between Menton, No 9 Park (if not done on Sunday), Salts. Any clear cut winners here or anything else we might be missing?

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  1. You might like Sorellina's Sunday. Good Italian and a great view from the bar of the Copley area. Pasta is supposed to be eaten the night before the race. You could walk to Hamersley's Bistro Monday. A true classic in the South End.

    1. Walkable from your hotel and with good bar: Sorrelina, Bistro du Midi, Lucca on Huntington. I prefer No 9 Park to Menton and Salts is delightful but if I wanted to do fancy in Cambridge I'd do Craigie on Main or Rialto.

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        Yes, but trying to cross the river Monday can be nuts. And then you've got the whole green line to red line debacle if you're avoiding cabs. Plenty of great eats in Back Bay and South End...

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          If one of them is running the race, getting around later in the day is much easier. Crossing the river will not be a problem whatsoever.

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            I wouldn't have suggested Cambridge but the OP had listed Salts so it appeared they were ready to cross the river! I don't recommend erbaluce unless I know the eater (it's one of my personal favorites but it doesn't seem to work for a lot of people). If I were going to Cambridge I'd prefer less upscale choices (Rendezvous and Catalyst for example) but the OP seems to want "4 star".

        2. Erbaluce is also close and walkable. Would be great for Sunday night.

          1. No 9 Park can be a lengthy dinner, would suggest keeping it to Monday. Plus, half the fun there is Cat Silirie's wine list, best to wait until you can both celebrate your accomplishment.

            And I agree, Hammersley's is a true Boston classic within walking distance. And probably a bit divorced (well, a little bit) from the Back Bay marathon madness. I also like Tremont 647/Sister Sorel, too. But check the menu, sometimes folks find it a bit too 'out there'. Finally, if you want Pasta and a local vibe, Coppa might be a good choice (it's a few blocks farther than Hammersley's but it's gorgeous on a nice night).

            Good luck!

            1. Thanks for the help. I will check these out and report back after our trip!

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                I would not suggest Sorrelina the night before the marathon. The pasta portions at Sorrelina are far from those that you would need to come close to filling your liver with the glycogen stores it needs for Monday morning. Also, the sauces are quite rich, which could be bad the night before the marathon. Although not really the ambiance you are looking for, I might suggest somewhere in the North End (Al Dente comes to mind) where you can get a salad and a simple dish of pasta with some protein. As a fellow runner, I would put the Boston dining scene aside for one night and give your stomach a rest after the extravagant dinners you will have at O Ya and L'Espalier. Replenish your glycogen stores; you will be happy you did at the top of heartbreak hill.