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Mar 24, 2013 10:35 AM

Maple syrup not on pancakes

We just saw a local TV show about how maple syrup production has doubled this year in New Hampshire (and presumably the entire syrup producing areas of New England and nearby Canada.) This is thanks to the long cold winter we are still moaning about. Hopefully this means the price will go down and consumption will go up. How do you use maple syrup other than poured over pancakes and the like?

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  1. mixed with sour cream or greek yoghurt with melon, fruits etc for dipping. (fruit crudité - platter)

    Maple Mustard Glaze for Ham / Turkey or salmon.

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      Maple mustard glazed salmon is one of my favorites.

    2. I like some of the ideas in The Maple Syrup Cookbook, and have posted its excellent Maple Mocha Pudding recipe on this board (you can search it).

      "Applesauce" made by stirring diced firm apples in a pan with maple syrup, over med-high heat until desired texture, is great. No cinnamon or other spices; the maple creates enough complex notes.

      I like a teeny drizzle of maple syrup on my corned beef hash but I'm weird that way.

      I have enjoyed, but not made, maple-oatmeal scones. Maple oatmeal cookies are great, too.

      Try searching for maple on gbakes.com. This is the latest iteration of patissiere Gesine Bullock-Prado's blog. My computer is too slow for me to download it now but they live in Vermont and she has blogged about sugaring her own trees, and the baked results. It may also be on her Living in Freegrace blog. If nothing else, her prose and photos are entertaining so your time will be well-spent.

      1. I like it in sauces for stuff like chicken or pork, along with mustard.

        It's also used as the topping for my grandmother's recipe for "honey rolls". They're just sticky potato based cinnamon rolls, no honey used, my cousin just named them that when he was small (he's in his 40s now). The maple syrup is put in the bottom of the baking pan along with brown sugar to make the gooey sticky top once the finished product is flipped out.

        1. Pork chop brine

          Maple mustard butternut sqush

          1. in pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, over ice cream, in a smoothie or milkshake.

            I don't think the price will go down much though.