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Mar 24, 2013 10:05 AM

Agata Valentina or Eataly - sushi quality seafood?

Anyone know if either of these places has good sushi-quality seafood?

Citarella is good but with Lobster Place closed temporarily...not a lot of good options. I find Whole Foods seafood gross. I don't buy it anymore


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  1. Eataly has outstanding, often wild, seafood. Some good local choices too. Not sure if they would be a source for sushi though since it seems like seafood for sushi requires different considerations/preparation and be best sourced at a more sushi-minded market like Mitsuwa or H-mart in NJ... It's worth asking at Eataly though since their quality is so consistently high.

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      And they do serve pesce crudo at Eataly, so it is definetly worth asking. And btw...I feel most everything is better at Eataly than at AV.