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Mar 24, 2013 09:42 AM

Best sweetbreads in Paris?

I'm looking for a down-home bistro that just happens to serve incredible sweetbreads. I know I've read they're everywhere in Paris, but when I look at menus, I don't see them very often. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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  1. We had wonderful sweetbreads (ris de veau) Friday for lunch at Philou in the 10th near Canal St Martin. I don't know how often the menu changes. Also saw them on the menu (and at a neighboring table) at Chez L'Ami Jean last night with lamb sweetbreads on the degustion menu.

    1. Chez l'ami Jean and Le Barratin are two places where I had great sweetbreads.

      Don't know if they're the best in Paris though (how would I ?)

      1. Claude Colliot makes great sweetbreads, not everyday though - it might be a good idea to check at reservation.

        1. The best sweetbreads in Paris
          1) Table d’hôtes d’Hugo Desnoyer (16ème)
          2) L'Ami Jean

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              Is the OP talking about ris de veau or ris d'agneau?

              1. re: Versilia

                19 times out of 20 it's ris de veau.

              2. re: Ptipois

                It's one of the best dishes at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon - almost worth putting up with the place for the sweetbreads and puréed potatoes alone.

            2. What is this Groundhog Day?:
              ""favorite sweetbreads"
              I'm avoiding naming the "best of" this year and for some reason this year (2014) everyone seems to be doing sweetbreads and I haven't had an overcooked one yet. Among my favorite places were Kigawa (don't tell a soul, because CH, the NYT and the FT haven't found it yet), Belhara and Le Lulli - without forgetting, as Figaro says - the Table d'Eugenie (not Eugene), Christophe and Les Degres......etc.