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Mar 24, 2013 07:51 AM

Quick road trip from DC to Charlotte.

We're driving down to Charlotte in 2 weeks for a wedding. We won't be in town long, just Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, and will likely have to stay close to our hotel (Marriott Southpark) on Saturday. Looking for good but not fancy. Vegetarian or seafood options a plus. Also, since we don't know what our schedule or obligations will be, I'm wary of places that need reservations. Does that mean Sunday brunch is out?

Any extra bonus road food suggestions between here and there (lunch in Greensboro?) also appreciated! We're experts on the 95 corridor, but not sure what to do once we veer west.

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  1. Near your hotel are Georges Brasserie, Cafe Monte and Cowfish (may not too veg friendly, unless you like sushi). I don't think you'd need reservations for Sunday brunch, but I don't do brunch very often. I'm sure there is a veg friendly Indian place near Sotuhpark, hopefully someon else will chime in with a rec.

    Driving in, you might want consider stopping in Durham. Do a search here and you will find lots of possibilities.

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      Thanks! Are you thinking Durham is an easier on/off than Greensboro, or just better food options?

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          I can recommend Graham Soda Shop on the Square close to the interstate. In Graham. The burgers are excellent and the atmosphere is fun.

          1. re: carolinadawg

            Did some looking, currently leaning toward Dames Chicken and Waffles...

            1. re: JoanArkham

              I am born and raised in the South and I've never had chicken and waffles! Not to say I won't try it one day.

              Another place to look at in Greensboro, if you are willing to get off the highway, is Binh Min on West Market St. It's in a strip shopping center, looks unassuming and has excellent Vietnamese food.

              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                Chick & Waffles isn't a bad combination. Some people don't like sweet, non-desert foods so it may be a turnoff.

                Chick & Waffles is a Yankee's not Southern

                1. re: JayL

                  I lived in Richmond and Savannah, but the first time I encountered chicken and waffles was Los Angeles. I'm a fan of sweet/savory combos.

                  Had the sweet potato waffle with a chicken cutlet and maple-pecan butter. The waffle was thinner and not as crispy as I expected, but we definitely enjoyed it overall.

                    1. re: Sue in Mt P

                      We went to the one on Main St in Durham, but it looks like there's one in Greensboro too.


                  1. re: JayL

                    In college I waited tables at a private club in PA and Wednesday nights all the old members came in for Chicken & Waffles night. But the chicken and waffles we served wasn't what most folks think of - with the fried chicken and syrup - ours was a savory dish. Waffles topped with pulled roasted chicken and gravy. Oh so good comfort food and no bones to mess with.

                    1. re: lynnlato

                      I grew up in PA and am very familiar with that version! Although typically turkey (turkey and gravy on waffles) rather than chicken.

                      1. re: JoanArkham

                        I'm thinking it must be a PA Dutch thing. ;-)

        2. I will make a few recs that are in the general vicinity of your hotel.

          Yama Asian Fusion has great sushi - maybe the best in Charlotte. The owner, Birdie Yang, was recently awarded the esteemed and rare Advanced Sake Professional certification in Japan.

          Another seafood option is Upstream in Phillips Place (a stone's throw from where you are staying). The bar area recently underwent some renovations and it's lovely. Great seafood, sushi, craft beers, cocktails ,etc. They have brunch too.

          Rooster's Wood-fired Kitchen has lots of good fresh fish & veg options (you can even get a "sampler" plate of their veggie sides) and they have fresh pastas and a good wine selection too. Nice atmosphere. I don't believe they are open Sunday.

          Georges Brasserie is just around the corner from your hotel. It's a French brasserie menu with decent oyster selections, yummy brussel sprouts and other veggie dishes and brunch too. Great atmosphere in the bar area especially.

          You will be staying on upscale steakhouse lane (southpark area). But there are some good spots worth seeking out. If you need something quick and healthy, I recommend hitting up our new Whole Foods store that is caddy corner from the mall.

          Safe Travels!

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            Thanks! That looks like a great list. And nice to know about the Whole Foods, maybe we'll stop by for picnic supplies on the way out of town and just eat on the road on the way back.