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Mar 24, 2013 07:39 AM

Dinner in Piccadilly with 4-year-old

I am looking for a place to meet a friend for dinner within a half-mile or so walk of our hotel, Le Meridien Piccadilly. I'd like a place that is good for conversation, since we haven't seen each other for years, but I'll have my 4-year-old son along so it can't be too fussy or fancy. He's well-behaved but has his limits.

Any type of cuisine is fine, as long as it's delicious—I only have one dinner in London so would like to make it count, food-wise.

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  1. Piccadilly and the side streets are packed with mid market/chain places, but try this:

    It's a busy part of London, so don't expect a soothing dinner unless you go very expensive.

    Edit: This is nice

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      bellaphon wrote a review of Brasserie Zedel in Piccadilly Circus, he seemed to really enjoy it

      1. re: curiouseater

        If I only had one dinner in London, I wouldn't make it the Brasserie Zédel. I'd only give it a 5 out of 10, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    2. Getti is an Italian place on Jermyn Street, no more than 2-3 blocks from Piccadilly Circus. I have not been there in several years, but it should work for you. With a 4-year old in tow, I imagine you will be dining on the early side.

      1. We had a very nice dinner last year with our then-three-year-old at Bocca di Lupo, just a stone's throw from Le Meridien. It's fantastic small-plate Italian; I've eaten there several times as a "solo grown-up" and was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were with kids. They offered to make him any kind of pasta he'd like, and then kept the gigante olives coming when they saw he loved them. :o)

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            Bocca di Lupo is great -- they let me use their loo once when I was in no state to be using anyones loo (in case you can't read between the lines, I was too drunk to keep anything inside of me).

            On a sober visit the food and service were equally excellent.

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              Online there are no tables available. Is it like in the US, where sometimes if you phone you can still find a reservation?

              1. re: sweetpotater

                Always worth a phone call. Sometimes places don't release every table to their online facility.

        1. Hi,

          "4-year-old son" ....Very bold decor / Lebanese

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