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Mar 24, 2013 06:54 AM

I left my cheesecake in oven to cool, and left overnight by accident.

Can I still eat it? I have so many people coming to dinner Monday evening. I know bakeries leave food out for hours. Please assure me it is safe to serve? It feels cool to the touch, and is now in fridge. Thanks for the help.

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  1. It's actually better to let it completely cool at room temp so it doesn't crack. I wouldn't worry a bit!

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    1. I'd eat it. However, I'd also be queasy about serving it to company.

      1. God I love these threads. There are three regular answers

        1) EAT IT! It is fine, no worries, go for it. I ate mayo that has sat in the sun and lived to tell about.
        2) OMG throw it away! It is NOT WORTH THE RISK!! Have you ever had food poising??? RUN WHILE YOU CAN
        3) Only you can decide. While I would/wouldn't do it make sure no one you serve it to is very young, very old or immune compromised.

        Just joking around! I would eat it. Mist delis I go to have it under glass on the counter.

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          OK. I'm the one who ate the mayo. And it was only 6 months past the best by date. Thanks for reminding everybody, foodieX2. :-)

          An oven is basically a pretty sterile breadbox. And with the temp most dishwashers are set at, I think you would have to sneeze into the batter in order to have any substantial chance of contamination.

          Even in a ten egg Manhattan style cheesecake.

          1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

            OMG, IndianRiver! You are cracking me up! I was actually think of my BIL who swears the reason his immune system is so strong is that his mother never refrigerated mayo and he routinely at tuna sandwiches that sat in a brown paper bag in hot locker all day.

            :) glad your survived too!!

            1. re: foodieX2

              two things that never were refrigerated growing up.....mayo and butter....

            2. re: INDIANRIVERFL

              I once made curry with coconut milk that was 1-2 years expired. Desperate times....

              Anyways, beat that!

              1. re: youareabunny

                I have posted this on another thread. That Not Butter in a squeeze bottle sat for 2 and a half years in my boat. That means at least 2 Florida summers. And it had been partially used. That was 2 and a half years past the best by date. Still fine.

                As it was pointed out by a friend, move a few hydroxyl groups around and you have plastic.

                1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                  i was wondering if your "not butter" was actually the melted plastic tub. i mean, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. ;-).

          2. An ex BF of mine (a million years ago) had a Mother who was "the best cook in the world"
            IIRC, her cheesecake recipe called for baking the cheesecake, then leaving it in the oven all night without touching it, and taking it out of the now-cold oven in the morning....
            I have to admit, the cheesecake was amazing.
            Anyway, that's how she did it, and I *think* I've seen recipes that call for this technique in the past....

            1. I'd eat it and serve it. If it was fully cooked and left in the oven without opening all night, your risk of contamination is minimal.
              If, however, the cake was still jiggly or you have any reason to believe it was not fully cooked, then I wouldn't take the chance.