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Mar 24, 2013 01:32 AM

Calabria Tropea

Going for a shortbreak to Tropea/Calabria middle of April. Don't know the region, any suggestions for a good meal??

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  1. Thinking of including this town in an Italian sojourn in September....any thoughts on eating spots, and the food scene in general? Is it solely geared to English and German speaking tourists?

    Would welcome thoughts about a drive from Lamezia to Tropea, and then on to Pollino Park and Puglia.....

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      Erica (and HVDMeeberg)
      Tropea is handsomely well disoevered, and for many good reasons. You'll not ecape tourists, since there are many German-English campgrounds and holiday villas around, but September should be decently OK. Tropea (and Pizzo nearby) are probablt the most self-conscious food-tourism areas in Calabria, with tons of shops selling peperoncini in a million versions, sott'olii, and other goods, often in tatty packaging. That said, Tropea itself is lovely, with good pizza at Vecchio Forno, and recommendations from others for a wine bar,Le Volpi e l'Uva and ristoranti, Da Cece and Osteria del Pescatore. Capo Vaticano beyond the holiday clusters is open, agricultural, plain-spoken, and largely unspoiled, and you can find small makers of 'nduja, cheeses, and other treats in small towns like Spilinga and Ricadi. Grab some salumi and local pecornio, and head to the cove beaches just south of Tropea in Ricadi (use the visitor=view center at Faro Capo Vaticano as ground zero) for a great beach picnic. There's one near San Domenica, I believe. In Vibo Valentia Marina, L'Approdo comes regarded for its seafood. Driving north, I've heard terrific things about La Tavernetta in Camigliatella Silano, east of Cozenza. Farther north, Villa San Domenico in Morano Calabro (which you must see) is a lovely hotel and restuarant, and in nearby Altomonte, Le Farnie is a very good agriturismo/restaurant making superb olive oil. This is also arbereshe Calabria, with Albanian culture in towns like Lungro and Civita, where La Kamastra serves arbereshe specialities. Buon soggiorno!

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        Tx Bob for the Tropea tips. Will try La Tavernetta for sure.

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          Bob thank you once again for a stupendous response, filled with enough info to ignite the spark for a fall sojourn. I'm finding difficulty only in locating inviting-looking hotels along the route, but give me time! Perhaps a stop in Senise this time if we do continue to Puglia.

          To the OP, I can also heartily recommend, in Castrovillari, the Locanda di Alia, as a lunch/dinner stop; they also have lodging.
          Worth a detour!

          1. re: erica

            Erica, don;t forget to check and for lodging--both sites have gotten bigger and better, and more focused. Choices in the South are excellent values.

          2. re: bob96

            Hi Bob,

            Just back from Tropea; La Tavernetta is great. Forget Tropea for decent food (Volpe e Uva & del Pescatore are not worth a visit). Best place (quality & price) = Frammiche (rustic food for a bargain price). Il Normando in Mileto is also nice. Other best in the area are Gustibus in Palmi and Taverna Kerkira - Bagnare Calabria. Tx again for your input.

            1. re: hvdmeeberg


              Thanks for the report. Didn't know you'd be in Palmi, where we had a wonderful seafood dinner at Gustibus and real fun at Taverna Kerkira in Bagnara, where part of my family lives. As for Tropea: we did have good pizza at Vecchio Forno, but sorry to hear about the other spots friends had recommended a few years ago. Will keep Frammiche in mind for our next trip, likely next year. Bentornato.

              1. re: bob96

                Hi Bob96

                Visited Vecchio Forno also was ok, more a deepdish style pizza. Good value for money. Tx H