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Mar 23, 2013 11:47 PM

New Jew in Town

I am new to Houston and still settling in with markets and restaurants etc

Right now I need some advice on where to purchase key Jewish ingredients. Clearly, I do not live in Meyerland or maybe I might have happened upon the correct spot

Where can I buy rendered chicken fat?

also was not able to find Prune Lekvar for hamentaschen season, anywhere I might be able to find this and possible apricot butter too?

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  1. Best bet will be Belden's, N. Braeswood at Chimney Rock - always cited as the best selection of kosher products in town. Other grocery stores in the Meyerland area will have kosher sections, also - Kroger Signature, S. Post Oak @ W. Bellfort (SW corner); Randall's Flagship - S. Post Oak @ W. Bellfort, (NE corner) - note - neither store is visible from the intersection.

    HEB, S. Braeswood at Chimney Rock, across the bayou from Belden's - the smallest selection of these four.

    The small Walmart Neighborhood Mkt on Hillcroft, s. of S. Braeswood, has a small selection of kosher, also.

    Specialty stores in the neighborhood that carry some Eastern European foods - Russian General Store, S. Braeswood @ Hillcroft, Golden Grains (Russian) on Birdwood, back behind Belden's.

    Other specialty stores around town that carry some Eastern European foods - Phoenicia Specialty Foods, on Westheimer (far west side), Bosnian Food Store, across from the original location of Cafe Pita + on Westheimer (far west, also), and the Polish grocery store on Blalock in Spring Branch. Also may be some products at Spec's Liquor Whse Deli, downtown on Smith.

    Both Saba's (dairy) and My Pita (meat) had small grocery sections in the past but I think they've both pretty well eliminated them in recent remodels.

    1. As Bruce noted, Belden's is your "go-to".

      Most groceries will have a small Kosher section with pantry goods, and most recently, I saw that my local Trader Joe's, (Voss Road), has a Kosher meat section.

      A "literal" Kosher meat section. I haven't bought but it looks really good.

      Hope you had a great Passover.

      And get to Kenny & Ziggy's as soon as you can!

      1. thank you both for your assistance!!

        1. The Phoenecia Specialty Foods (12141 Westheimer) has a VERY good selection of halal meats. And hands down, the best bagels in town are at NY Bagel (9720 Hillcroft) - hot, fresh and delicious. We love their challah and it makes great French toast.