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Mar 23, 2013 08:55 PM

Asian-style prep for red snapper?

I've been on a fish exploration recently and the red snapper looked quite good today. With the endorsement of my mother who happened to be on the phone at the time that it was a nutty, yet mild fish I picked up a few filets. I planned to do a simple herb lemon pre and bake, but I was looking for an Asian-style preparation if you have any that you recommend?

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  1. Whether you like steamed or pan fried fish.....the classic preparation for Chinese style fish is to use lots of Julienne Ginger and Scallions. When the fish is done, you place the vegetables all about the fish. You then season with Soy Sauce....To finish, you drizzle hot oil over the vegetables and fish to flash fry and wilt the greens.

    the sauce is one of my favorites with fish and or other sea foods.....especially on steamed Black Sea Bass and Flounder.


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      Thanks, once again. My first snapper and my first fish en papillote. This is pure simple deliciousness. Thank you, likely a new favorite way to prepare fish. Any fish that you think this prep doesn't work with?

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        In principle no.....but I detest Catfish, so I'll nominate that as an exception.

        Give it a try with head on poached shrimp...or Skate. If you like texture, then pan fry the fish in seasoned cornstarch, whole or fillet.

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          Great, I look forward to using this technique and these ingredients quite often.

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            You can also use the technique for dumplings...and spice it up with the addition of sliced hot long peppers or jalapenos.

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            It happens to work very well with catfish. In fact, it works well with ALL fish filets & reasonably-sized whole fish. So nothing is really an exception to the cooking method.

            I think it's pretty fair to say that one can pretty much rule out any fish that one detests from any possible preparation method - lol!!!

      2. Agree with fourunder. Quick, easy, healthy and yummy.