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Mar 23, 2013 08:41 PM

Decent eats in Round Rock past 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night?

Any leads much appreciated, esp. non-chains.

Not expecting much, just some good grub at a late hour.

Rather not end up at a place like Hooters, Razzoo's or Pluckers (or places of that ilk). If those are my only options I'd probably just stop off at McDonald's, or maybe grab something in Austin.


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  1. Just before 10pm if you're in the mood for chicken fingers, the Golden Chick off the 62 exit to the right are my favorite chicken fingers and french fries.

    Past 10pm, I'd go to the HEB Plus on 79 and scavenge from the take-out area near the front.

    Till midnight or 1:00am, If you're craving a burger and willing to go to North RR, there's the Steak and Shake off the Ikea exit.

    RR needs a Kerbey Lane. (If they had one I'd suggest their Eggs Francisco if you are really hungry and exercised already that day.)

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    1. I would go downtown to Junior's Icehouse for Hamburgers, etc. or Krave wine bar has itailan food. They both have websites with their menus, offer good food and are not chain restaurants.

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        Last time I went into Junior's Icehouse late (on a weeknight between 9pm and 10pm) and craving a burger, they told me only the bar was still open.

        I had even called on the way there to see if they were open.

        Now, I know to ask any restaurant (not just in Austin)

        ---> "What time do you stop serving hot food?"

        instead of
        "What time do you close?"
        or even
        "What time does your kitchen close?"

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          Krave is only until 10 on Tuesdays. Thanks though.

        2. you could try westside alehouse.. they are open till midnight. excellent beer selection, ok food

          chuys is open till 10:30.. its a chain, but at least its a local chain

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            Don't really plan on drinking (gotta get up early the next morning), what do you recommend at Westside Alehouse? If it's just a greasy burger I think I might just hit up Steak N Shake.


            1. re: ipsedixit

              I'm guessing its too late now, since its wednesday, but it is mostly burgers, I like their boneless wings too, fried mushrooms are decent

              1. re: High_Boost

                Thanks H_B.

                I ended up at McDonald's because that was the closest to my hotel.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  A couple of beloved FoF with extra tartar and a large fries to squish it all together?

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    How'd you know?

                    Actually, it was just two FoF and no fries (it was late), but an ice cream cone for the short ride back to the hotel cuz it was kind of a muggy night.

                    (And then a trip to 7-Eleven to get me some soup.)

          2. It's not quiet Round Rock but I think Cheddars might be open that late. I like their cookie and ice cream. I'd second Chuy's. If you can do 9:45 Jack Allen Kitchen is open till 10.

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            1. re: Rptrane

              seconded re: Jack Allen's Kitchen.

              That has the best food I've had anywhere in Round Rock.

              If they still have the special "Duck Duck Goat" give it a try.