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Mar 23, 2013 07:34 PM

Do you eat three meals a day? Or snack continuously? Or (gasp) both?!

I try devoutly to eat three meals---or breakfast, snack, dinner. But back when I was Atkinsing down from 300lb, I usually ate 4X per day. I have also heard of a religious order who ate twice a day---a late breakfast, an early dinner. Then there was my Dad, coffee and no breakfast, lunch and dinner, insane to me. Your schedule----or no schedule?

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  1. I eat when I'm hungry, there's no set schedule. I have health issues that tend to kill my appetite when they flare up (which is currently the case), so lately I've only been eating two meals most days - late breakfast or early lunch, and dinner around 7:30. Some nights I'm not hungry and don't even bother with dinner. Believe me, I wish I wanted to eat more frequently - I miss my appetite! But it'll come back, it always does.

    I've been a nutritionist for many years, and I can tell you that there is no single ideal number of times per day *everyone* should eat. Each individual's metabolism and hunger cues are different - eat when you're hungry, stop before you're uncomfortably full. For you that may require four meals per day, for someone else, six. For your Dad & me [right now], it's two.

    1. For me it is 3 meals, no snacks, but two of the meals (breakfast and lunch) are vegetable smoothies, vitamins and supplement foods or a small high protein mini meal. My big meal is dinner with wine :) no desserts. I fast a day or two all day until dinner if I am training for a sport.

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        Your schedule is one I wish I could get myself to follow.

      2. I eat when I'm hungry, with a few exceptions:

        - If I have a business function (e.g. lunch meeting or business dinner or banquet etc.); or

        - if I am training for an event like a marathon or a OLY-Tri, in which case I have to constantly consciously try to get enough calories or I tend to drop alot of weight and that usually means eating multiple meals even when I don't really feel hungry.

        Aside from those two instances, I just eat when I feel like it and even sometimes I don't even when I do feel hungry because I'm either traveling or busy with work.

        1. 3 meals, 2 snacks, generally, especially on weekdays. Weekends are a little more haphazard. But, breakfast is pretty small between 9 and 10, lunch is largeish between 1 and 2, a small snack (granola bar usually) around 230 or 3, another snack (usually carrots and hummus) around 4 or 430, then a pretty large dinner after 8pm usually, sometimes a very small dessert afterwards. I stay under 1800 calories a day most of the time, and this schedule works out well for me.... the only times I feel hungry is the hour or so before my lunch and dinner.

          1. four or five meals a day plus snacks.
            then i complain bitterly about how it is SO hard to lose weight.

            (p.s. to me, a pint of premium ice cream is a single portion, so that is a snack)

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              Your answer is refreshingly honest! :-D

              I'm all over the map. Dinner we usually have a regular meal. Breakfast we may have together at the same time or's not unusual for one or the other of us to eat leftover dinner for breakfast. The rest of the day I graze. I have some health issues and have learned to eat when I'm hungry And stop when I'm almost full.

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                Another grazer here. Altho', to be honest, in the OP's terms, I (gasp) do both: eat meals and snack constantly. And my jeans are showing the strain. But to be self-righteous, I very rarely eat anything past 6 p.m.