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Mar 23, 2013 07:28 PM

Driving to Atlanta from Charleston

Going to be doing a 1-way drive from Charleston to Atlanta. Won't have a ton of time for a major detour, but wondering if anyone can recommend anyplace worthwhile to stop along the way?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. We always stop at Miller's Breadbasket in Blackville, just off Hwy 78. It's a Mennonite restaurant that's been there for years, and the food (Southern style) is great. My favorites are the fried chicken and the shoofly pie. Hubby loves the meatloaf. The owner, Mr. Miller is a gas!

    1. There's also a little sandwich shop in Aiken called Betsy's on the Corner, on the corner of Barnwell and Laurens. Or the Cuban place , Cafe Rio Blanco, also in Aiken. We take 78 to Aiken, then 19 up to I-20, and finish off the rest of the trip on 20. We live west of Atlanta, and our son is at Goose Creek, so we go every 6 weeks or so to visit. There are also some great photo opportunities in Blackville , if you like abandoned and collapsing buildings.

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        any particular story behind why they're abandoned and collpasing? or is it just flight out of town?

      2. Reading good things about Carolina Bar-B-Que in New Ellenton, but most of what I'm finding is a few years old. Still worthwhile?

        1. Aiken, SC is a great town with a growing population and some nice dining options. My parents live there so I've had great meals while visiting them. For lunch, I like New Moon Cafe and Stoplight Deli. Both are on Laurens,which is the main road through Downtown, so you can walk before/after and shop the little antique stores or hit Plum Pudding Gourmet Shop (love this place!). For dinner, I like Malia's (also on Laurens) and Case Bella (Italien, very near Laurens).

          1. My two sons live in Charleston (he works at Husk) and Augusta respectively so I make the drive from Atlanta to Charleston often..
            We had a great meal at Frog Hollow Tavern at 1282 Broad Street in downtown Augusta. They are only open for dinner, so I don't know if that works into your travel plans.
            My son also took me to Manuel's Bread Cafe, 505 Railroad Avenue, North Augusta, SC. Nice, casual place with a French Chef and locally sourced ingredients. Lunch was very good. I don't know if it's worth the detour, but it's an option.