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Mar 23, 2013 06:31 PM

Simple, generic marnade for chicken?

I'm baking some chicken tenders to carry in my lunch next week, and wondered if anyone had any ideas for a good marinade? Something I could make out of basic ingredients, or even a good bottled one that's reasonably cheap. The tenders will probably be used in other dishes, like salad, or mixed into rice, or tossed together with lettuce, refried beans, and salsa for a chicken taco salad, but I do intend to eat them plain at least once.

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  1. Good old Italian vinaigrette dressing! I love Ken's steak house Italian dressing for chicken.

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      I love Ken's zesty Italian - absolute fav for marinating lots of things.

    2. I sometimes do soy, vinegar, cumin, and chili powder, oil optional.

      1. Ditto the italian dressing, or, this one is easy and very good: ... not sure it would be great in a taco salad though. But it would be good in regular salad. For your taco salad, plain chicken with the salsa usually works just fine.

        1. Italian or Greek bottled dressing of your choice.

          1. quick 'n' easy? Good Season's from the packet. dry rub it with the powder and later drizzle the oil and vinegar an hour or two before cooking.

            quick 'n' easy with a touch of thought? olive oil, garlic, rosemary (dried/powdered are allowed, even encouraged here) S+P. lemon juice to finish.