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Mar 23, 2013 06:14 PM

odd pesach question

i feel dumb asking this, but maybe theres something im missing?

is there an issue with bananas or avocados and pesach?

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    1. re: docfood

      oh logic

      thats what i said, but my sister is insisting that both are not ok for pesach, eventhough we cant find any sources indicating as much

      1. re: shoelace

        Then where did she hear it? Seems like a very strange prohibition given that this is a holiday of not being able to leaven bread in a timely fashion...

        1. re: tamarw

          she couldnt say, i have a feeling it was just something random and made up

          tweeted crc asking as well, lets see if ig et a response before chag

          1. re: shoelace

            Might have better luck calling a rav.

            1. re: tamarw

              will do that in the morning, if crc or ou havent responded on twitter

              1. re: shoelace

                I was raised in a very heimish old-world home, grandmother was straight out of the shtetl and ran the kitchen. we always, always ate bananas on pesach. there were other things from the produce dept that we did not eat. i don't remember what they were so when i go out to buy my veggies, i always hesitate. some are grown with the legumes, i think, so that is why we don't eat them. bananas are totally not an issue. avocados are new kids on the block. we do eat them. ask someone if there's a problem with them. of course, you should know that many chasidim will not eat vegetables that cannot be peeled. that would include tomatoes, peppers, etc. the chasidim i know eat only carrots and potatoes. very, very limited menu on pesach. due to concerns of grain and kitnios in the growing. also, following old minhagim of europe. there is an extra feeling on pesach, more than the rest of the year, that it is best not to deviate one iota from how things used to be done in your family. hence, the fear of quinoa. i fear quinoa too but for other reasons. i think it tastes like twine.

                1. re: cappucino

                  If it tastes like twine, then someone forgot to rinse it first. Also, quinoa on its own is particularly uninteresting.

                  1. re: cappucino

                    Some people peel fruit on Pesach because they are worried about the waxy coating.

                    Also, i hope that everyones that a "grapple" is an apple infused with grape juice somehow and is actually non kosher!

                    1. re: cappucino

                      Both bananas and avocadoes are peeled, so that's not an issue. I know many many chassidim, and have never heard of any who avoid bananas or avocadoes. I do know those who peel tomatoes, which is actually rather easy if you blanch them first in hot water.

                      1. re: zsero

                        I didn't say the Chasidim avoid bananas and avocadoes. They eat bananas. Not sure about the avocadoes. They don't peel tomatoes and they don't eat them. That's just the way they roll. You can ask them why yourself.

          1. Rav Teitz, of Elizabeth NJ, uses bananas for karpas.

            1. None that I know of. The non-kitnyos-eating vegans I know would go very hungry without them. Avocado and cream cheese on a matzoh is delicious.

              1. There are people who, if their great-grandparents didn't eat it in the Old Country, don't eat it on Pesach. That's the only thing I could think of.

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                1. re: GilaB

                  There's a difference between things our great-grandparents had in the old country and deliberately didn't eat, and things they had never heard of. Most of our great-great-grandparents didn't eat lettuce for maror, although the shulchan aruch is clear that it's the most preferred kind; the reason was simply that they couldn't get any! Now that we have lettuce we should use it, just as they would have if they could.