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Mar 23, 2013 03:57 PM

Lunch on the road from Rome to Parma

Another poster's question inspires this one. We will be driving from the airport in Rome (FCO) to Parma (to Antica Corte Pallavicina to be precise) this September. We will be jet lagged (an 8 am arrival in Rome) but motivated. Where should we stop for lunch? We don't want to go into any large cities or stray too far from the A1 but it would be nice to have a recommended stop If you say Auto Grille and keep moving to ACPallavivina, I am okay with that too.

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  1. That's a long drive to Antica Corte.

    It is much easier (easier driving) and saves at least 45 minutes to an hour if you come up the coast rather than the A1.

    Look at the map and you'll see the difference. Come up the SS1 and then you'll hit superstrada and then A14 up to La Spezia and then the Cisa (autostrada) right to Parma and then to ACP. Much easier in general and much much easier in avoiding the A1 tie-ups between Florence and Bologna.

    No good restaurants/ trattorias right off the A1, but plenty from Cecina (on the coast) on north. Toward September, if you decide to go this way, just post and I'll give you a list so that depending on where you are around 12:30 or 1 o'clock, you'll have a good place to eat a decent lunch.

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      Shorter and easier with a good place to eat would be great. I know it is a long drive, but we've done worse and survived - and it was the only option to get two nights at Antica Corte. I will study the maps and check back in the fall.

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        It's September and we are just about 2 weeks away from our drive from FCO to ACP. Lunch suggestions appreciated. (It's hard to speculate where we will be around lunch time, but our flight is scheduled to arrive at 8 am and I am hoping to be on the road by 10 am.)
        Thanks for any advice.

      2. this is not a travel board, but you may want to look at alternatives to the rome arrival. MIlan, and a number of other arrival cities are much closer to your destination than Rome, and reservations with arrival in one city and departure in another can be quite a good deal, saving you a day and a long, tiring journey. I thnk it takes about 1.5 hr only to get down to Antico Corte area from the Milan airport. We that once and certainly enjoyed our arrival lunch at Il Cavallino Bianco. If you do decide to come from Rome, I agree with Allende's suggestion.

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          Thanks and advice appreciated. We have a direct flight into Rome from the US and we are better at spending the time on the road in the car than in airports making connections and waiting for luggage (it's a case of "Traveller, know thyself").

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            ah, I figured you had not booked your flight yet, in which case you could fly into Milan instead and save yourself some time. sorry for the offtopic chat. will be looking forward to hearing about your eating on your visit.