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Mar 23, 2013 01:40 PM

Great Taste in New Britain?

Looking for light, fresh, well-seasoned Chinese food in the Newington, CT area. I saw Great Taste mentioned several times in older posts- is it still worth checking out? Any newer recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. I still love Great Taste and have been going since the 80s. Just went back in January and it's as good as I recall. As to light, I don't think of it as such, but depends on what you order. :) Around here, I think it's among our best options for sit-down Chinese.

    1. I have never ate there but have heard great things about it. Ming Dynasty in Rocky Hill is always good!

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        I like Ming Dynasty, also. Good call!

      2. How far from Newington would you be willing to travel? Green Tea in Farmington is always good.

        1. Head over to Black Bamboo in West Hartford, best American Chinese I've found yet.