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Mar 23, 2013 01:35 PM

A really good tequila AND food menu?

Hi all,

Taking a friend out for a celebration. He really likes tequila, and I'd like to have an enjoyable dinner, too. Temazcal has a nice selection and some excellent food (along with some misses). I've enjoyed Painted Burro, too, but mostly for appetizers and cocktails. Those are what I'm considering at the moment.

What would you recommend in the Boston or Cambridge area? The main thing is a broad and interesting menu of tequilas, not just the usual fare.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Masa in the South End has a good tequila selection and decent Southwestern food.

    I'd say Tico is okay on this score, too: a long list of tequilas and a pan-Latin American menu. But I'm not in love with the value there.

    1. Have you tried Lolita on Dartmouth st. yet? Great tequila selection and very good food. Try the Deleon & the Don Julio 1942!

      Papagayo in Fort Point has a very good tequila selection as well. I prefer the food at Lolita.

      1. Ole in Inman Square I would highly recommend for both

        1. Red Lulu's in Salem Ma may be just the place if you are willing to travel a bit out of the city. Extensive tequila menu and decent food.

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            Red Lulus is Lolita's sister restaurant. Depending on location, both are great options!