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Mar 23, 2013 12:53 PM

Yo Sushi, Burnaby - Avoid

Thought we'd try a new sushi place last night, and my husband suggested Yo Sushi, a recent addition to the Heights in Burnaby.

It was awful. I could forgive the loose rolls if they had flavour, or even texture, or if there was even a little evidence of knife skills. Which there wasn't.

There wasn't even sushi rice or a touch of vinegar -- just plain old parboiled rice. It was the worst sushi I can remember, and I've eaten some pretty marginal mall sushi in my time. (Not sure if that disqualifies me from posting on Chowhound?)

One somewhat positive note. We ordered some chicken teriyaki, and it was not too bad. Unfortunately the vegetables accompanying it were mostly undercooked onion.

Oh well. Luckily we can get tasty, well-made, quality sushi down the street at Osaka. And at lower price-points than Yo's.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I was very wary of the place when I saw their menu of specialty rolls with the most random ingredients like white mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

    For example their Heights Roll has crab meat, cucumber, avocado, eel, ebi, tobiko & bonito? The flavour of the unagi should in theory overwhelm the ebi & bonito therefore why include it?

    In the area, my go to is Sushimoto near the Holdom Skytrain station. I'm not a fan of Osaka's rice and knife skills either.

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      Thanks, for the lead on Sushimoto, Moneychow. Will check it out.

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        Hi moneychow,

        Had some very good rolls and nigiri at Sushimoto on Friday night. Definitely a step up from Osaka, rice and knife wise, and a fun room as well.

        I'll definitely be be back to try more of their offerings.

        Thanks again for the tip.

      2. Ugh, the name is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while.

        1. Yes the cavernous room ( formerly Bombay Bhel ) shows no skill or aptitude, I had a solo lunch there last week, literally, as i was their sole patron. It was just shocking. Theme park esque too. Clumsy cooking, simple errors. I'm not saying North Burnaby is a sushi mecca but this was taking the piss.

          1. Oh, I have to agree. And their pricing is completely out of sync with the reality of sushi restaurants in the lower mainland. Were it high-end, quality sushi it could be excusable, but to open a sushi joint in an area jammed with mediocre sushi joints, it shouldn't be too hard to create something worth a higher price. Nope. This place won't last unless they make very significant changes.

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            1. Is this the place that is beside antons pasta???