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Mar 23, 2013 08:36 AM

Newton dinner choices

Friends have offered us a choice of having dinner at four Newton establishments with which we are unfamilar: Waban Kitchen, Sycarmore, Farmstand Table, and 51 Lincoln. Thoughts anyone?

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  1. I'd skip 51 Lincoln. I and several others have had pretty mediocre experiences there.

    Me, I'd go for either Sycamore or Farmstead Table!

    1. Rude service at 51 Lincoln. See my earlier post. I wouldn't go near that place.

      1. Sycamore, hands down. The others aren't even in the running.

        1. I had another excellent dinner at Sycamore last night. I haven't tried Farmstead Table, mostly because the menu strikes me as boring. I wouldn't consider Lincoln 51 and Waban Kitchen if you have other options.

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            I have eaten at Farmstead Table and it was fine-ish. Sort of amateurish. I didn't hate it- I recall my dinner was tasty but not much more than that but not enough to work to go back.

            Sycamore, on the other hand, was the real deal. Delicious food- ideas as well as execution, very professional service, and a pleasant space. I'd go back there again and again. The party next to me had a few crusty elderly folks and it was adorable how often they kept saying in amazement, "this is really good!" "Wonderful meal!"

            1. re: Scruffy The Cat

              The Farmstead Table menu is also quite limited - as in 5 or 6 entrees and 5 or 6 apps. One Friday night we went a bit late and they were already out of one of the entrees, too. Everything we did have was delicious, though it's certainly not cheap.

              1. re: Bugsey34

                I loved my meal at Sycamore but I don't remember there being more than 5 or 6 app choices and 5 or 6 entree choices. There are also a few "snacks" to share.

          2. I like Farmstead Table and Sycamore a lot: suburban places that would work in the city. Haven't been to 51 Lincoln in a long time, nor its new sibling Waban Kitchen at all yet.

            The first two are very, very good, a welcome step up for Newton in my book, doing a bistro-casual take on New American, with fairly priced food, wines and cocktails.

            I think Sycamore is more sophisticated and ambitious on the food front, more refined and French-leaning in technique. For instance, it does a longer menu, serious charcuterie, and meat boards for two. It also has a superior cocktail program, easily the best in Newton at the moment, and room for a dozen bar diners, whereas Farmstead doesn't employ a full-time bartender, and its bar can seat only 4-5 for dinner. But I've loved Farmstead's desserts more, and if it gets its back patio approved and working, that will be a plus.