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Mar 23, 2013 08:15 AM

Family 4 kids budget-conscious near Copley

Hi, we're a family of 6 with 4 kids age 6 - 12 on travel and looking for any type for food near Copley or elsewhere downtown. We're looking for lunch and dinner Sunday through Tuesday. Pizza, any Asian other than Korean, tex-mex, mexican, burgers, sandwiches, BBQ -- just about anything. Unfortunately our budget is tight so please keep that in mind, but I'd prefer not to set an explicit dollar limit in this post because we can probably stretch a bit for one or two meals. Thanks!

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  1. I should have mentioned we'll have a car and we're also willing to take the T, so although we're staying near Copley we can travel somewhat. Due to scheduling of some events we don't want to go too far out, though.

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      try Viga for decent Italian just a few blocks from you and good italian subs, chinatown of course (Winsor Cafe and Best Little Restaurant are two good ones), there's a Five Guys Burger on Boylston, and it might be fun to hope on Green Line B train and check out the Asian food court at the Super 88 market near BU - lots of small ethnic restaurants from cantonese to Indian. The Boston Public Library is a great walk through with kids and the cafe inside is fine for a reasonable lunch, particularly if it's warm enough to eat it in the gorgeous courtyard. The Green Line B will also take you to Harvard and Commonwealth for barbecue at soul fire: inexpensive and good (not great).

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        Where on Boylston is there a Five Guys?

        There are food trucks in front of the library, on the cirner of Stuart St and Trinity place and on The corner of Clarendon and Boylston.

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          Sorry C.H! You're right - thought they were supposed to open one up Huntington Avenue (not Boylston) but I don't think it's open yet. Nearest is probably Downtown Crossing one. Uburgers in Kenmore is closer to the Copley area these folks are staying in. Does Big Daddy's still keep the hotdog truck in Copley?

    2. Copley Sq/Back Bay isn't the most budget friendly of places unfortunately. To get the best bang and taste for your buck, you should go beyond Copley more often, and navigating Boston is easy.

      Definitely hit Chinatown - walkable or at most a 2-3 T stops away depending on where in Copley you are. Will definitely be within budget, and you will have an array of pho, banh mi, dumplings, and plenty of Cantonese-style seafood joints.

      Some good options: Dumpling Cafe, Hong Kong Cafe, Dong Khahn, Xinh Xinh, Taiwan Cafe, Peach Farm, Best Little Restaurant.

      There's a UBurger across from the Boston Common downtown. If you're going to be in that area, you can also consider Chacarero, considered by many to offer the best sandwich in Boston (Chilean sandwiches).

      Try to stick to the T, unless you're really traveling far. If you're looking to park in Boston, what you won't spend on food will go all to the garages. Parking in downtown Boston is outrageous.

      1. Here is a thread that covers boston in general

        Don't know where you are coming from or what you consider inexpensive.

        Are you doing sight seeing or other things, Boston is pretty small geographically so most of it should be easy for you to get to so you should think about areas you might be in and want food.

        I would recommend taking the T to most places in downtown Boston, they have week passes and under a certain age are free. I would recommend the former super 88 food court for some cheap asian food.

        Northend Gallery Umberto is good but there can be a wait at lunch time and they run out of food after 1pm.

        1. You will be next door to the Prudential Center, which has restaurants and a food court at every budget level. Here's a link:

          For Thai food within walking distance, check Thai Basil on Newbury St.

          Children under age 12 ride for free on the "T."