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Mar 23, 2013 08:03 AM

Tracks oyster bar in Penn station?

Hi all

Just wondering if this would be a good place to grab a quick dinner with the kids before taking a train back to NJ (we will be in NYC for the day).

The kids like all fish and seafood.


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  1. Nope, just a bar for people waiting for a train, terrible. I suggest you repost with more information about where you will be in the city and you will get some suggestions. Maybe something in Chelsea and then short walk or train ride to Penn. Or, I would suggest Hill Country. Excellent food, family friendly and maybe a ten minute walk to Penn.

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      Hmmm ok maybe Hill Country would be a better bet then. We will be coming from Central Park (wollman rink). We need to catch a train around 7 pm back to NJ so that is why I thought an early dinner at Tracks would work.

      DH and I love raw oysters so I thought we could indulge.

      I would say somewhere within 10 min walk to Penn station would work before the 6 year old starts whining!

      We will have spent the day in NYC (boat tour to Statue of Liberty, AMNH and Central Park). Kids like all foods. We are eating lunch at a Peruvian place. Want to avoid Asian and Italian as we travelled there recently and would like to try something different. We don't have good seafood, BBQ or Latin American in our Canadian city!

      Thank you!

    2. I wouldn't exactly call Tracks "terrible". It is what it is and that is a bar that has decent bar service and some OK menu items as long as you know what to order. The burgers are pretty good as well as a few of the fish entrees. It is NOT fine dining by any means, but for a quick bite it is fine and I am sure your kids would find it enjoyable. The location cannot be any more convenient to NJ Transit trains - they are about a two minute walk from the front entrance. I am not sure you want to be walking far from Penn Station with the kids in tow at the end of a busy day in the city, searching for a place to eat.

      1. I like the sandwiches at lunch