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Mar 23, 2013 07:46 AM

Great beef tacos on MD Rt.175

I had some great tacos on MD 175 just off the Baltimore Washington Parkway. It was a food truck. It didn't look like much but I was hungry. They had a taco for $2.49. I ordered one. I paid for it and realized in the car that the Korean lady gave me three. I went back and told her and she said it was ok. Normally they are $5.99 for 3. I gave her another dollar because it was all I had.

They were delicious. The beef I think was the same she would use for the $5.99 Cheesesteak sandwich and that made the taco. It was dressed with lettuce, salsa and cabbage which gave it a nice crunch. She asked if I wanted jalapeno or hot sauce. I said "yes". Neither gave it much heat, if any, but there was a sweetness that I could have done without. But it kept me full for the rest of the afternoon.

They also have some Korean fair of which cannot remember the name but began with a "B". Platters run from $6.99-9.99.

Overall, I will make a specific stop there again.

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  1. Lettuce? Cabbage? Sweetness? Sounds like a Korean fusion taco, am I right?

    1. Bulgogi. A standard Korean dish. I've had it a few times when they come around at lunchtime. Very flavorful and a good value.