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Coconut cake to go at Peninsula Grill? [Charleston, SC]

Don't think a meal at Peninsula Grill is going to make our Charleston itinerary, but we're still curious about the coconut cake. Do they sell it by the slice to go by any chance? Is it really worth it?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can't speak to whether or not they have it to go (but I can't imagine why they wouldn't be happy to sell you a slice and put it in a to-go box). I can tell you that it is absolutely worth it. I have had it 3 times and still dream about it.

    1. Yes, you can get it to go. And yes, it's very good. I'm partial to Jestine's Coca-Cola cake myself.

      1. They have a small bar area between the front door and the dining room. We sometimes just pop in at the bar for a bite when we aren't dressed well enough (in our eyes) for the dining room.

        I'd suggest just stepping up to the bar and asking for a piece of cake to go. I'm absolutely sure they'll be happy to help.

        1. Last summer we checked out Carter's Kitchen at I'on.Robert's son told us that as soon as a one year non-compete expired they would be serving the cake at Carter's.That could be happening by now.Another option maybe.

          1. Bob had a wreck yesterday...hope he has a speedy recovery.

            Are you sure you spoke with one of his sons? They are pretty young, I can't imagine they would know much about business.

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              No, I am not sure.For some reason I've always thought Carter And Louis Osteen were roughly the same age.When a late 30ish guy who was running the front of the house told us about the cake,and looked for all the world like A young Robert Carter,I just assumed.Anyway,he seemed to be sure about"the cake" coming to Carters Kitchen.

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                Louis is in his late 60s /early 70s...Bob is in his late 40s but his kids are under 12. Anyway the coconut cake is not presently being served at either of his restrauants...which is just sad.

            2. My sister lives in the area, and when we visited recently, after dinner at FIG, we picked up to-go boxes of two slices of coconut cake at Peninsula Grill to take back to her house.
              I've never been a big fan of coconut cake... It's always been ho-hum to me. But this stuff was fantastic! It was so rich, it took me four days to eat one slice, even sharing with DH. That made it worth every penny of the $11 per slice charge.
              I would get it again in a heartbeat. And it was just a quick wait in the bar for them to pack it up for us. Not even 10 minutes.

              1. The Ultimate Coconut Cake is definitely sold by the slice and available for carry out although sitting down at Peninsula Grill's champagne bar to enjoy the cake in the restaurant's ambiance is a nice nightcap. I think it is worth it—that cake slice is massive and delicious. The recipe is credited to Esthi Steffenelli, Peninsula Grill's original pastry chef. Today it is made daily by Claire Chapman. There is a great photo of Esthi and Claire in Peninsula Grill's new cookbook, "Served with Style." Vogue, Bon Appetit, and Saveur have covered the cake recently... I had a "to go" slice on my birthday last month. YUM!

                1. Does anyone know if the coconut cake is available at Carter's Kitchen yet?? Heading that was next month and would love a slice! Thanks~

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                    This may be my fault. Just over a year ago the Mgr at Carter's told me straight up that as soon as a one year non-compete elapsed,that THE coconut cake would be served at Carter's.We were there this past Saturday and I never saw a slice,although I did forget to ask this time.I'll bet there is a lawyer somewhere near the intersection of Broad and E. Bay to blame!

                    1. Well,its good to know I'm not completely nuts.We were told it would be THE coconut cake.I still say I smell a rat (lawyer) here!

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                        "The cake will remain available at Carter’s Kitchen following Restaurant Week,"

                        Reservations made!! Thanks for the update!

                      2. They sell it by the slice (about $11 I think), you can walk in even if they are not open for dinner yet. They do A LOT of take out cake orders. They also sell the whole cake for $100 if you order a day ahead of time. Worth every last penny!!

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                          $11 dollars ?????

                          that's a pricey slice.

                          but if in charleston why not right ??????

                        2. recipe for cake is on Martha Stewart. It is a chore to make though

                          1. Is it that good ?

                            I heard about it years ago.

                            And more importantly how does it compare to the version send out on occasion at KPaul's ??????


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                              Eh...I'll do the dissent here. I was not super-impressed by "the cake". It was tasty, but heavy, crazy-rich and a little "goopy" to my taste. Maybe if I had been considering it as a dessert unto itself I would have liked it better, but as a long-time lover of coconut layer cake, and having heard this was the Ultimate, I was let down. I much prefer my own coconut cake.

                              I had it at the bar w/ a glass of champagne. Don't get me wrong, It's good...but I don't think missing out would be tragic.

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                                Yeah, I'm with danna on this. I've had the cake maybe three times over the years. The first time I thought it was really good; the other two times I found it a tad dry despite all the frosting. I think that's a risk you run when you're working with so many layers - a lot more surface area of the cake being exposed to air during the process.

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                                  I agree with danna. Much better options in the city for dessert.

                              2. It's been over a year and I realize I never closed the loop. We went in and they would, indeed sell to go. But they also let us sot at the bar and just order a slice of cake...which we ended up pairing with a glass of champagne each that made for a perfect nightcap after dinner at Bowens Island. Thanks to all who advised!