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Mar 23, 2013 06:42 AM


Where can I buy rennet for making riccotta cheese ?

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  1. You can make ricotta with lemon juice, this might be the preferred method.

    BTW, Formaggio Kitchen had a great informative blog post about rennet recently:


    1. I've found it at major supermarkets and even some hardware stores that sell mason jars. If you're near concord Debra's has it or likely a natural foods store in your area.
      Agree with stein, I've make ricotta by simply scalding milk, letting it cool some and adding vinegar or lemon juice, let it sit and drain the curds.

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        Thanks to you both. I have also used lemon juice and had good results, but I read recently that it comes out a little better with the rennet. Thank again

      2. You can definitely make ricotta with lemon juice. This isn't Boston-centric, but check out smitten kitchen's blog entry. Really creamy and good, and as easy as can be.

        1. There is a beer and wine place in Woburn who also has cheese making stuff. You should call wm Sonoma and sur la table.

          1. I have been using this local, organic liquid rennet for years and highly recommend it:


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