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Mar 23, 2013 06:10 AM

MT's "Best" List ... (DTW)

Some real surprises ...


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    1. I saw those. I laughed.

      1. the editor's choices are a bit more interesting

        My Indian friends would laugh like hell at Priya being named Best Indian in the OC. And Moti Mahal?? That's the biggest WTF on the list, just lame.

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        1. re: coney with everything

          Is Moti Mahal that bad? I haven't been, but I've been seeing various coupon sites with their coupons available, and I've been tempted to try it out. So you're Is that what I'm hearing?

          1. re: boagman

            I went with my son about a year ago and we got the lunch buffet. Not a lot of variety, not particularly warm (temperature) and completely unmemorable. I've seen the Groupons and not even been tempted.

            1. re: coney with everything

              Thank you! That was all I required...I'll save my Groupon credit for something else.