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Bulk Barn Danforth!

Walking by yesterday I noticed that there will be a new Bulk Barn opening on the Danforth. It will be located in the old LCBO location near Broadview.

I've been hearing so much about bulk barns but really have yet to shop at one (I normally go to strictly bulk at Pape). What makes them stand out from other bulk stores, is it selection, quality, price?

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  1. i think the bbarn draws people because they are predictable, you know what you will get, they generally have a good layout in their stores, and they have solid turn over so things tend not to be past their prime. that, and they regularly have $3 off purchase of $10 coupons if you can get their flyer (online or in the paper). they are, in my experience, middle of the road for sheer selection size.

    1. The bulk barn has a good selection of baking and cake/cookie decorating supplies and candy. I find that Strictly Bulk is sorely lacking in this area. I do like SB and appreciate their selection of natural foods.

        1. thanks, looking forward to it also.

          never been to strictly bulk, but will check it out.

          BB at leslie & lakeshore used to be (moved last christmas) my goto for lotsa different salts, sugars, spices, anything baking, etc.

          1. Bulk Barn is nothing exciting... they are just rather ubiquitous. I think it is great to have downtown, though, since it is harder to find bulky ingredients without being ripped off. They have a wide selection, so if you only need a small amount of a specialty ingredient, you're in luck (ie gluten-free flours, spices, etc).

            Also, as mentioned, their coupons $3 of $10 are great! I only use them on their well priced stuff though. Sadly, their price for rolled oats has increased. It used to be 79c/lb on sale so quite cheap.


            1. See, I love BB. I think it's a great thing to have. As was said, the turnover is usually pretty good so things aren't stale.

              If you're looking for top notch ingredients, this is not the place. If you're looking for good quality stuff, you'll do just fine.


              1. I was so sad when they closed in the Loblaws at Lakeshore/Leslie, and though I'm excited about this location, it's further than Strictly Bulk so I'll likely go there for nuts, fruits, goods, etc. However, for sheer volume and novelty of items, BB is my...BB

                1. I generally avoid the place. Their stuff tends to be a bit stale, but not terrible. But the main reason is that their prices have absolutely skyrocketed over the last couple of years.

                  Besides, I feel a bit more noble buying bulk from the local mom and pop store than giving my money to Loblaws, who own Bulk Barn.

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                    not sure what it's worth if you've already made your mind up, but the owner of this new bulk barn was really really nice and seems to be from the community. he had a bunch of friends coming in when i was there on saturday but he was still helping everyone find what they were looking for.

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                      I didn't know Loblaws owned The Barn. Huh. I'll still have to pop in for a few kilos of corn nuts every now and then, though.

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                        i have kind suspected that, given it's colour similarity to no name packaging, but is there any proof? honest question.


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                          Bulk Barn Foods Limited isn't owned by Loblaws.

                          more info re: Bulk Barn

                          For most North Americans, golden yellow signifies something cheap, so No Name, Bulk Barn, and fast food companies tend to use golden yellow in their marketing.