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Mar 23, 2013 06:01 AM

Ho Hung Kee: One word!! HORRIBLE!!!!

When Michelin first awarded this hole-in-the-wall Won-Ton Noodle joint a star, it created a wave of negative outcry from local foodies!

The guide also gave praise to their Won-Ton Noodle, citing it to be one of Hong Kong's best, if not THE best. However, after trying the same product from over 10 of their competitors, IMHO, their's was not even close!!

On the other hand, another of their signature dish, Fried Rice Noodle ( Ho Fun) with Beef, aka 'Gone Chau Ngau Ho' 乾炒牛河 WAS SUPPOSEDLY to be super delicious! Known for its smokey wok-hay aroma and flavour, tender caramelized wok seared beef, greaseless execution and finishing off with yellowing chives and a dash of 'lard' to create the ultimate finish. This was agreed by most to be Hong Kong's best.

Unfortunately, what I experienced today was nothing close and IMO, a total failure!! Super greasy, with excessive oil covering every strands of noodles, the completed product totally lacked any Wok Hay aroma and smokey flavouring. Seasoning was bland and the yellowing chives did not add any additional dimension to the Ho Fun! The beef was OK but nothing special!! At $82, it was 50% more than comparable products in Toronto!! What a rip-off. BTW, their Won ton Noodles now, is a whopping $35!!! Bamboo Room is $5 less and 5 times more enjoyable!! ( Slight exaggeration! Ha! )

To top it off, service was rude and with one hell of an attitude!!

With this quality of products, I'm amazed that they actually opened up a branch at the new Hysan Place in CWB!! Good luck to them!!!! And good luck to all who decide to give it a try!!!!

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  1. Well, it didn't even look good from the photo, Charles. I hope you didn't finish that. I'd just leave it and go eat somewhere else instead.

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Thats exactly what I did!!! I left half a plate untouched!!

    2. $82 US Dollars for that!?!? $35 for wonton noodles? Why so expensive?

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        1. re: Rick

          Causeway Bay real estate prices and maybe to recoup the ridiculous cost of having the Hysan Place location and the rents over there.

          1. i didnt think the wonton noodle soup was all that great when i went there

            i thought the 乾炒牛河 was pretty good when i went, didn't have the same problem as you, although i def thought it was overrated as a restaurant

            1. Holy cow, it was $79 in January when I visited just for the won ton noodles, they raised the price by $2 in 3 months?! Or do they raise the price on weekends? This is crazy.

              Bad service is everywhere....the worst for me was at Lan Fong Yuen. Instead of politely telling me there was a minimum order, the waiter just took out the placards on the table and put it in front of me to read.

              These places will unfortunately continue to thrive as there are no shortages of tourists from Taiwan, China (a big chunk, particularly those who have deeper pockets than locals), SE Asia and other parts who rely on guide books that point them to such destinations.

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              1. re: K K

                lan fong yuen has always been like that...i like their milk tea, but that place has always been a bit of a pain in the ass

                kam fung is the worst, but i like that place so much i dont really care haha

              2. I recently posted about their 乾炒牛河 too and like you found it underwhelming, lacking in wok hay and not even being as good as what I could get locally in the Bay Area, let alone as good as I could get at Tasty (which owns HHK).

                Given your evaluation and the photos showing a very similar execution (excess grease, bunched up noodles, messy presentation even for this class of place), I believe that this wasn't a fluke after all.