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Mar 23, 2013 05:44 AM

Recs for Ireland...

Flying into Shannon and joining a bus tour looping south, east and north and ending up with three days in Dublin. Evening meals are on us in Cork, Limerick and Dublin.

Requesting smart casual and "off the beaten path" options.

Thank you.

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  1. Freddie's bistro in limerick. The French table would be another good place. The elephant in the castle for breakfast in dublin

      1. We enjoyed this Dublin restaurant a lot. It's definitely casual and conveniently on Fade St.

        The Bewley's Cafe on Grafton serves very good breakfasts.

        1. Thank you all for the recs. Going into our "Tick" book.

          1. The Vintage Kitchen in Dublin (off poolbeg street) is meant to be very good, book early.
            Also, the Pigs Ear across from Trinity (Dublin city center) is fantastic - a great example of excellent local Irish cuisine!
            If you cant get into pigs ear, The Winding Stair is also really good - a bit more expensive (not better) and one of our favorites in Dublin is called Mulligan's Grocer - in a place called Stoneybatter, about 15 min walk from Dublin city center. Fantastic locally sourced Irish food - in a gorgeously authentic pub setting. Book all in advance if you can, Mulligan's grocer is recently getting good press. Are these off the beaten path? Not really, but they are smart casual and really good. Coming from SF, I have found Dublin has many expensive or just overrated restaurants. These are solid. Try Pigs Ear and Mulligans - you won't be disappointed!
            Another place just came to mind - Rigby. Off Leeson Street (10 min walk from city center) by day it's a deli, by night its a small restaurant w/ no menu - lovely and quaint. 2options of offerings for 3 courses - only. Perfect!

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              Thanks so much, weezy.

              I'm getting amped toward this trip!