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Mar 23, 2013 05:21 AM


Need your advice please. A group of of us are coming to the City to celebrate a wedding. We need reservations on Thurs, April 18 and Sat, April 20. There are 11 of us and we'd like to dine at 8 at one of the many excellent spots. We do not mind splitting into 2 groups. I've tried Locanda Verde and The Dutch and they won't take reservations for 5 or 6 persons except at 6 or 6:30. HELP, please with suggestions.

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  1. Can you expand your geographical radius? You'll find more places that way.

    Some restaurants won't take a party that big at 8pm no matter what, to alleviate stress on the kitchen.

    As for trying to get two parties of 5-6 at 8pm at the same time, were you on OpenTable? Calling?

    You've already missed the 30 day booking window for some popular restaurants and the 8pm tables go quickly... You're planning a few days too late for your party. I would recommend being more flexible with your timing.

    Would you be willing to do a large format meal?

    The Breslin and John Dory will allow 7-8pm bookings for theirs.

    Did you try any of the Blue Ribbon restaurants?

    Louro is also good with groups I've heard.

    1. Hi Kathryn ... I love reading your replies on this site and admire your knowledge of the City. I tried calling and Open Table. Some of the restaurants had 28 day windows instead of 30 day. I'm trying to get reservations at Lupa for Thurs the 18th---they will accomodate 8 to 15 with a tasting menu. Hopefully my friends will go for that if we can get in. I have enjoyed John Dory before and will call The Breslin, Ma Peche to see about Saturday evening. Thank you so much and if you have other suggestions, I'd love to have your knowledge.

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        DBGB has 4/20 at 8pm available.

        Ma Peche will allow for a 9pm reservation, is that suitable?

        Prune also has a small basement private room, might work for you.

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            On saturday, we are seeing ANN and eating at Lincoln, so my friends want to stay downtown. Now I know what DBGB is and I went to the site to try to reserve but it will not allow me the 8:00. :(

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                I was going through the restaurant site. I just made the reservation !!!! THANK YOU kathryn. When I'm in the City this Summer, I need to buy you a cocktail. Thanks again.