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Mar 23, 2013 04:41 AM

Noise, deafening noise

Any thoughts on deafening noise in restaurants? As my hearing diminishes I find a smaller number of places where I can dine and hold a conversation. Anybody aware of relatively "quiet" places in Manhattn UES?

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  1. I don't like noisy restaurants, I agree with you.

    And many restaurants seem to go for this deliberately by playing music and having no soft surfaces on walls or ceiling.

    If I'm eating alone, I like to read. If I am with others, I like to talk.

    1. I think restaurants use noise to control the demographics (i.e. age group) of the dining patrons. As the price point increases, the noise diminishes. On the UES, Cafe Boulud and Salumeria Rosi on Madison Avenue are pretty quiet.

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      1. re: MrGrumpy

        Even more than attracting a certain age group, grumpy, loud music is an effective means to turn tables over faster. 20-somethings are humans too, after all, and at a certain point they'll also flee a too-noisy (dining) space.

        EDIT: "as the price ... increases, the noise diminishes" -precisely, you're paying the restaurateur more for quietude.
        (As my brother-in-law so keenly said, "Noise is the new smoke.")

      2. A story in the NYT last year about indoor noise:

        I like Ryan Sutton's reviews in Bloomberg News be aide he brings a decibel meter with him and records the noise values.

        1. I completely sympathize, even though my hearing is fine I don't understand how one can enjoy food, let alone company, when the environment is too loud, because of music, patroons or both. Here are some of the tactics I use: 1 avoid places where bachelorette/girls night out dinners take place, 2 go for dinner at odd hours, either super early or super late, 3 go Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, avoid other days, 4 get a group together and ask for private dining rooms.... you'd be surprised how easy it is to get one .... I got one last minute last night at the standard grill and had a fantastic meal and conversation with my friends. Other than that, I fInd that, despite the music, Riverpark, Edi and the wolf in the secondary room, Artisanal in the cheese room, la Bergamote at 1030, la Esquina cafe before 8 pm, and Hangawi are some among a few places where I go to have a nice -quieter- meal ....

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          1. re: Radhish

            5 move to boca, and have dinner at 4:30

          2. I agree 100% but, it is a crap shoot to find a restaurant with consistantly reasonable noise levels.
            Uva on the UES is a prime example you never know if the sound level is going to be acceptable.