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Mar 23, 2013 04:05 AM

Inland Cilento, Campania advice?

Hello all,
I read the posts on Campania and Cilento with pleasure, and checked Luciano Pignataro. We will be staying for a week in inland Cilento early April, near Laureana. Can anybody share recommendations in that area, especially inland?
I found recs in Castellabate, San Mauro and Cicerale. Maybe anyone knows of other good food places especially more inland?
Thank you!

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  1. Delighted to hear of your trip-we've been regular Castellabate travelers now for years. Alas, the small hotel we stay at in the old town , Albergo Il Castello, has such wonderful and copious traditional food, prepared by local women, that we don't usually eat out much. You might see if outside guests can join these long, jovial dinners. However, a few recs, both from our tips and from friends. BTW, Laureana Cilento is not that far past Perdifumo, Castellabate, and the coast, where there are always more options. In Santa Maria di Castellabate, La Taverna del Pescatore; down the coast in Pisciotta, which I think is a must stop, PerBascco and Trattoria Angiolina (P. Marina) are excellent, as id the local Pisciottana olive oil. Farther a bit still in Casmerota (old town), Rianata 'a Vasulata (dinner only) is a very old simple pizzeria; in C. Marina, La Cantina del Marchese has been recommended to us. Constantinpoli in Pollica gets mentioned, too. Close to Paestum in Capaccio, there's Nonna Sceppa and La Pergola. Do scour Pignataro closely--he's the best place to start. Also, Carla Capalbo's The Food of Naples and Campania is an essential guide to restaurants, wineries, growers, and everything else food and wine in all of Campania's provinces; the Cilento treatment is very good. Finally, the larger towns Agropoli on the north and Sapri on the south both have a number of places worth exploring.

    1. Wish I could return to the area for exploration; meanwhile, there maybe something in this long report from 2 years ago that will pique your interest.

      Look, especially, at Taverna Portosalvo in Villamare and Angiolina in Marina di Pisciotta; both SlowFood picks:

      1. Hi
        A good stop inland is "Your Land" Terra Nostra in Corleto Monforte
        Great place to eat!
        Another place is Padula.