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Mar 23, 2013 02:41 AM

Asian and Korean options in Tucson/Pima county?

I don't seem to make it to Lee Lee Market in NW Tucson very often, though I still hit various Oriental/Asian markets North of Davis Monthan when I get a chance but, the dining options seem to be limited. Perhaps I don't travel enough in the mid-city area to stumble across good dining options now that I have returned to Arizona.

What are the good casual Korean and Asian dining options in Pima County these days? I'm not looking for the "chain" or "fast food" joints or, the buffet style places with questionable defrosted items (you know, I want CHOW WORTHY places). I should note that I rarely go North of Grant and generally spend most of my time during the day around Davis Monthan and the Tucson airport. I can also confirm that the area around Valencia and Old Nogales has a few oriental themed places but, they make you long for one of the fast food chains.

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  1. Try Takamatsu on Speedway east of Craycroft and Seoul Kitchen on Grant east of Swan, two places we go to regularly. Korea House on Speedway has been around for many years and the food is decent, but the interior is long overdue for refurbishment. Kimchi Time is located at 2900 E Broadway and has gotten some good reviews, although we haven't tried it yet.

    1. I highly recommend Kimchi Time on Broadway between Tucson and Country Club (over by Laff's). Korean owners. Korean chef. The chef makes his own gochujang, doenjang, and ssamjang. No grilling at the table, but the food is extraordinary. Best Korean food I've had outside of Los Angeles, and I grew up in a Korean-heavy neighborhood.

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        Thanks missvenuz! I'll put them on the list for next lunch away from work.