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Jun 14, 2006 01:28 PM

best ribs in Sacramento?

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Hi Hounds:
Where's the best place to get ribs in Sacramento? Doesn't necessarily need to be a BBQ joint, any place that serves good ribs, any style! Thanks!

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  1. Incahoots in Plymouth has very good ribs.

    1. I really like the fried ribs over at The plantation (del paso & Arden i believe).

      1. Joshua's on Stockton and Gerber! It's a little place next to a gas station. Get there by 4:00 pm..before the dinner rush for takeout. It has had great reviews in the Bee too. Love it!

        1. Everett & Jones on Franklin (7200 block) is by far the best ... I've tried Sandra Dee's, etc. but nothing came close. Will try Joshua's, but I have to tell you that E&J's $27 rack of ribs will feed 4 hungry people and their yams and greens are delicious too.. Plus great service. All you can eat on Mondays!

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            I went by Joshua's and they apparently have moved or gone out of business! Yikes. I will put Everett & Jones on the next Sac rib crawl. Thanks. I'll be sure on go on Mondays.


          2. Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ in Rocklin. The ribs are scrumptous, but the chicken is not all that good. Everything is served in large portions, including the beverages which are served in large canning jars. The sides are good, the desserts are great! If you visit, you may want to wear loose fitting clothes!!