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Chez L'Ami Jean Foie Gras

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Does anyone know if the whole lobe of foie gras is always on the menu at L'Ami Jean and how much it usually costs?

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  1. Well I'm not sure of the first question but I can report that it cost about 80 euros (for 2 persons) as of December '12. Knowing l'Ami Jean it will probably feed 4.

    1. Always on a la carte menu, most recently at 80 euros as stated by deadstroke66. The recent form was oven roasted then flamed in sugar syrup and as said serves 4 perfectly.

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        OMG, I just had a mini food orgasm! This is definitely on the list for our October trip!


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          l can be the third of the four necessary

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            You're on (as long as I can get Den to share it more than 2 ways, lol)


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              oh my

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                The benefits of chowhoundism keep increasing regardless of what 'it' actually is.

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                  Nah, Jo has had CLJ orgasms before. With me, in fact.

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                    me too...it was memorable (and of course we are talking about the food oh dear moderators!! )

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                    wink, wink, nudge, nudge..........

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                      I have a feeling (sorry) I missed something.

        2. Thanks for the responses! I think I'm definitely going to go for this, providing I'm not food sick before then from all the good eating.