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Gooey Pudding From Cake Mix?

I make desserts for a church feeding program. The easiest and most economical thing to make is cakes from cake mix, but our guests (who don't get much that's nice) love gooey (wet, creamy) desserts like puddings. So I am thinking that it should be possible to convert a box of cake mix into some kind of a baked pudding that could be somewhat wet and gooey. The "Cake Doctor" book doesn't have what I'm looking for and googling hasn't turned up anything either. I will experiment by upping eggs, liquid, and oil, but before I embark on a wheel-reinvention program, does anyone already have a recipe that converts cake mix into a gooey baked pudding?

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  1. I don't know about the cake mix, but I just made an economical gooey pudding - Indian pudding. It's a baked cornmeal mush flavored with milk, molasses, and ginger.

    1. Use a big pan and undercook it? Sub some milk for the water?

      1. Instead of starting from cake mix, can you get instant pudding mix? That will take you straight to pudding instead of trying to work with cake mix.

        Or if you want something more cake like, try making a pudding cake. Several recipes in this old thread,

        1. What about Dump Cake? It's an old cheap-and-easy potluck recipe that might do the trick - and it's easy to adapt the flavors.

          1. I agree on the slight undercooking of a cake mix cake; it usually yields a wetter consistancy. Another option is to mix in some pureed fruit with the mix before baking...I like to puree some applesauce or canned peaches and mix it with boxed yellow or white cake mix and add some extract (vanilla, almond, etc) and bake in a casserole dish. Sometimes I'll make a streusel with flour, butter, brown sugar, oatmeal and chopped nuts if I have them to sprinkle over the top before baking.

            And then, there's rice pudding which is pretty inexpensive to make...I use powdered milk for the fresh because it's less expensive and because I always seem to have a stockpile....

            1. Paula Deen has a recipe for Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, but it calls for cream cheese and a box of confectioners sugar so that might put it out of your economical range.

              Here's a link to the recipe anyway, and there's a list of variations (which will make it even more expensive).
              I made it once, and it is a very soft cake but not pudding. But maybe it would be creamy enough for your guests.


                1. This is what you're looking for, but requires a crock pot:
                  There's lots of recipes online for Chocolate Mess

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                    Actually I thought about Triple Chocolate Mess but one large crockpot doesn't provide enough servings---I would need three crockpots, and transporting them would be impossible.

                  2. This doesn't really answer your question, but what about a poke cake? That way it's a bit gooier, but you can still use your cake mix (assuming you already have the cake mix to use).

                    1. Some sort of hoochless trifle? Why not just make pudding?

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                        I have "just made pudding" and have also put it on top of baked brownie mix then topped with Cool-Whip. Have also made pudding and put it into cream puffs. I need to end up with 24 portions. Transport is a bit problematic---need to use aluminum foil pans with rigid plastic tops as I transport via shopping cart on city streets. Plain pudding isn't stiff enough to keep the pans going in one direction. I need stability.

                      2. The Cook's Country cookbook has a recipe for Hot Fudge pudding cake--it bakes up with a layer of cake on top and a fudgy pudding on the bottom. It's a scratch recipe, but maybe you can get an idea from it of how to doctor up the cake mix. Unfortunately I cannot find a free link to the recipe.
                        If you use the actual recipe, note that it tastes very good (even better, I think) if you use leftover hot coffee instead of the boiling water.

                        1. How about baking the cakes as usual and then cubing them up and using them in a trifle or some kind of bread pudding-y thing?

                          1. what about using a cake mix as a base for tres leches cake? you get a nice gooey cake from pouring over the milk mixture?

                            1. Go to recipes.com and type in pudding cake. There's lots of gooey recipes.

                              1. Hi. This is a link to the Jiffy "cookbook", really just a pamphlet, that has two recipes that might work ( for some reason the chocolate cake is only in this pamphlet.) I've adapted them to make large party size cakes using full size mixes. The nice thing about the JIFFY sizes is you can experiment with small batches without too much waste.


                                Pineapple Upside Down cake using crushed instead of sliced, or most canned fruit (I love it with diced peaches.)

                                Also, Chocolate Pudding Cake that cooks up with a gooey chocolate bottom. I've made lemon, vanilla and banana. To save on cost, you could use powdered or canned milk. I make my own confectionery sugar using white sugar and cornstarch ( 1 tsp starch to 1 c. sugar) PULSED in a processor till, well, it's powdered ('cause I'm cheap.) Good luck. Remember, there are never mistakes - just extra deserts :-)

                                1. I just accidentally made one, I added an extra egg and a box of pudding into a boxed cake mix that "has pudding in the mix" I used yellow cake and vanilla pudding. Pour a little strawberry preserves over ( didn't need it) . OMG soooo good, cakey and gooey. Baked as directed on box temp and time.